Marblo Baths helps Locals Turn Their Bathrooms into an Elevated Oasis

NSW, Australia –Bathrooms and their intended use can be interpreted by families and individuals differently. For some, it can be a place of chaos where mom is trying to finish her make up when she is being pushed by two young ones trying to brush their teeth and comb their hair. Then there is dad at the door, sighing in exhaustion looking for a place of sanctuary. For others the bathroom is a place of oasis, where an individual can escape the day to soak shoulder deep in the tub with lights dimmed and scented candles filling the air.

Whether the bathroom is a central location of morning chaos or an evening oasis, the experts at Marblo Baths can elevate that experience. Marblo was invented in the late 70s intentionally to enhance performances in the lab and to be used in the kitchen. Today, the polymer-based surface material can be applied to a number of environments such as residential, commercial, retail and even hospitality spaces.

The experts at Marblo Baths exceed their client’s expectations due to their commitment to product innovation as they stay on top of trends in the design community. The company also shares that same passion with their commitment to the environment. Marblo can easily be repaired or refinished which reduces product waste. It can even be relocated and reinstalled with ease decreasing the demand for additional materials. MarbloBaths commitment to innovation and to the environment also benefits their clientele as each of their marblo products are ensured with a 10 year warranty.

The experts at Marblo Baths can elevate an individual’s evening oasis or a family’s morning chaos with their marblo products. Unlike traditional ceramic products, Marblo products are a natural choice that are softer in appearance and warm to the touch without sacrificing durability. The company has an exquisite selection of bath tubs and wash basins clients can choose from. For a list of their products and services, consumers are encouraged to visit

As for those consumers who are ready to stray the traditional path by replacing ceramic products with Marblo, they are encouraged to contact the experts as Marblo Baths. The company has built and continues to build their success on exceeding customer expectation and satisfaction as a result of their commitment to quality, innovation and their environment.  Learn more about Marbolo at

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