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Commercial Backed Mortgage Securities software by Actovia is revolutionizing commercial Finance, real estate investing and development by providing subscribers crucial and timely information.

JACKSON, NEW JERSEY – 6 Jun, 2017 – Commercial mortgage and real estate brokers & lenders require different tools, experience, and access to data than residential real estate brokers. Due to how the loans for commercial real estate (CRE) mature, brokers need to constantly expand their knowledge of properties overall financial situation to better serve their clients. While financial information has been readily available, borrower or owner contact information has not. Actovia removes these challenges by providing this much-needed information. Actovia’s subscription rates are significantly less than other competitors in the space. 

Formerly limited to the New York and New Jersey area, Actovia now offers information on CMBS, FNMA, Freddie mac, GNMA & HUD is now available nationwide. This expansion is part of continued, planned, growth goals the company has been putting into motion over the last several years. The Actovia software represents massive changes to the commercial mortgage-backed securities field. 

Actovia changes the commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS) field by providing brokers with direct access to owner’s contact information in addition to information about specific properties loans (such as the terms and expiration date). This information can put a broker in the position to fashion a new deal that is more likely to be accepted by the property owner at the right time, every time. Brokers lose time when dealing with contacts that are not the property owner, or capable of signing a deal. Time is also lost in attempting to find the proper contact information or loan details. Actovia removes those roadblocks and allows brokers to focus on the deal rather than digging for much-needed information. 

Offering digital tools that bring unprecedented amounts of information to brokers only helps everyone in the commercial real estate industry. Brokers can make better deals while property owners can often turn properties towards more manageable rates, more capital, and bring improvements to that property. Actovia improves the commercial real estate process for everyone involved. 

About Actovia:

Based in New York City, Actovia has expanded their reach and experience to cover the complete United States. Jonathan Ingber, once Director of Research for a high-profile New York City commercial real estate brokerage, founded Actovia to streamline intelligence gathering for both real estate brokers and investors. Actovia provides real-time information on commercial real estate, including but not limited to loan rates, due dates, and prepayment penalties, invaluable information for developing a deal benefitting both lender and property owner. Actovia is available to brokers via an affordable subscription model. 

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