Conservis Selected to Bring Enterprise Farm Management Platform to Pitigliano Farms

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – 6 Jun, 2017 – Conservis Corporation, has been selected by Pitigliano Farms to implement its Enterprise Farm Management platform that will unify the farm’s data by driving informed planning, transparent communication, and efficient decision-making at an enterprise level.

Pitigliano Farms is a complex business defined by its vertically integrated operation, a diverse crop base including both permanent and row crops, a large labor force and multiple internal and external stakeholders. Disconnected and inadequate tools and a lack of data transparency made it difficult to continue to scale.  With the selection and implementation of Conservis’ cloud-connected enterprise farm management software, Pitigliano Farms now has one common platform to store and manage agronomic, financial and production data from planning to harvest, resulting in an understanding of block, crop and variety level performance.  They have access to the tools needed for each stage of the production year: planning and budgeting, purchasing and inventory, production and work orders, harvest and distribution, all backed up by hands-on support to ensure success.

“My brothers and I consider our farm data to be a vital asset that we use to drive a more efficient, profitable and sustainable business,” said Josh Pitigliano, Co-Owner of Pitigliano Farms. “We tried a few other solutions unsuccessfully over the years and after conducting significant due diligence of the farm management solutions available in the market we concluded Conservis has the best all- around solution for our complex operation.”

Richard Wedmann, Senior Vice President of Sales for Conservis, stated “As Ag operations like Pitigliano Farms continue to scale and market volatility increases, control over bottom-line issues is critical for long-term viability.  Until now, there’s been no way to easily collect and manage information from workers, equipment, processors, and other data sources into a unified system. We are excited to be given the opportunity to work with such a respected operation in the community and look forward to a long-term partnership.”

About Conservis

Based in Minneapolis, Conservis is the leading provider of Enterprise Ag Management Solutions. Dedicated to advancing the business of agriculture, the Company’s cloud-based software provides growers, managers and Ag investors comprehensive solutions to create operational plans, manage production activities and make better decisions. Reports are easily shared with partners, landowners, funders, insurance companies and regulatory agencies. Conservis Corp. was founded in 2009 and serves growers across four continents.

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About Pitigliano Farms

Based in the fertile counties of Kings, Kern and Tulare in Central California’s San Joaquin Valley, Pitigliano Farms is a fifth-generation farm specializing in the development of almonds, pistachios and wine grape vineyards while also assisting in row crop production, permanent crop development, vegetable production, land leveling and commercial farming. Together with their fellow farmers and dairymen, investors and absentee landowners, Pitigliano Farms manages over 11,000 acres.

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