Igor Dias da Silva Shares the Importance of Voluntary Actions

Igor Dias da Silva, a collaborator of Planeta Voluntários and a Social Responsibility Consultant & Specialist – has recently shared his views about the importance of voluntary actions, and how they can bring a positive change in the society.

According to Igor Dias da Silva, “Volunteer actions make a lot of difference because they tighten bonds, rescue friendship, eliminate human vanity and bring people closer to the understanding that the good thing in life is to be and not to have”.

In today’s world, majority people are busy in making their lives easier; and in the chase of their happiness, they have completely forgotten about their responsibility towards the betterment of the society. This selfish approach of people is leading the society into the depths of darkness and evil, where people have become blind and are unable of seeing the pain of others.

Paying government taxes are just not enough – according to Igor Dias da Silva because the government cannot possibly do everything, it is a joint effort. Therefore, people should start accepting their responsibility. Igor Dias da Silva has in-depth discussed the different ways people can contribute to make this world a happier place for everyone. Igor Dias da Silva stated: “There are so many ways to collaborate that you may be surprised when you see the interior of these premises, so lacking in everything, being technical works, goodwill or simply caring and humanization”.

According to Igor Dias da Silva, every small step taken towards the betterment of the society is important, thus people should not continue to make efforts, and should support other people who are contributing to make this world a happier, safer place. People can volunteer to record books, poems, short stories for visually impaired people and/or they could lend a helping hand to hospitals and nurseries.

There are thousands of things one can volunteer for, so rather than waiting for the impossibility that the government will fix everything alone, people have to make attempts to bring a change in the society by making efforts that Igor Dias da Silva has discussed, or simply by joining organizations like Planeta Voluntários that have played a significant role for the betterment of the society.

About Igor Dias da Silva:

Igor Dias da Silva is a Social Responsibility Consultant and Specialist in Management of the Third Sector, and a Collaborator of Planeta Voluntários / Via National News Agency / ANN of Brazil.

About Planeta Voluntários:

Planeta Voluntários is a non-governmental, non-partisan ecumenical network created in May 2009 with the vision of developing the culture of organized volunteer work.



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