GadaBag: The Best Dog Walking Kit Ever is Live on Kickstarter

Brisbane, AU – On June 6 2017, CreativeCoatz launched a Kickstarter campaign for GadaBag, a new grab-and-go dog walking kit with superior design and features that every dog owner will love. Why this kit? We love our dogs and we love to take them outside, but we hate the struggles that often turn a joyful outing into a chore.

“At GadaBag our goal is to address key pain points associated with dog-walking by presenting a kit that will transform your walk, run, hike or mosey into a no-mess, no-fuss and even hands-free pleasure,” explained Founder, Jake Lourens, “Our mission is to present a product that is functional, stylish, elegant and trendy. We didn’t want our kit to look like a typical pet-store product.”

Roughly 44% of US households own a dog, 39% in Australia, and 24% in the UK. So why do we still struggle with the fundamental basics of dog-walking? Juggling our keys, phone, treats and toys; the displeasure of doggy-waste and of course, finding one leash that serves all purposes? GadaBag wants to take away all that complexity and make dog walking simple and enjoyable again. “Our EzeScoop will even give those with mysophobic tendencies the ultimate mechanism to manage doggy waste. There’s no need to touch the untouchable!”

GadaBag is the first product created by the Brisbane-based startup, which plans to establish a new brand in the leisure industry. The team has spent more than 12 months designing, prototyping and testing the kit. Now they are ready to bring this product to market with the help of the Kickstarter community. 

Each GadaBag Walking Kit contains an EzeScoop for easy and hands-free waste collection, a stylish GadaBag Canvas sling bag to hold all your essential items, and a GadaLeash that switches between two fixed lengths with a single click.

“With our GadaBag dog walking kit, it is possible to walk your dog and enjoy the experience at the same time. As easy as Ready. Grab. Go!” Lourens said.

“We surveyed our supporters and tailored our Kickstarter offering to offer a variety of rewards at budget conscious pledge points,” Lourens stated.  In exchange for pledging to the project backers can gain access to a complete GadaBag Walking Kit starting at $49 AU, or two GadaBag Walking Kits starting at $88 AU.

For more information, please visit the Kickstarter page here or contact the creator below.

Media Contact
Company Name: CreativeCoatz
Contact Person: Jake Lourens
Country: Australia