Fleck Inc. Announces Rise in Fleck Water Softener Sales

Water System Solutions Meet the Increasing Demand for Purified Water

Fleck Water Softener sales are reportedly on the rise.  As the tap and well water in the United States continues to become more polluted, an increasing number of people are turning to solutions such as Fleck Water Softener systems. 

“It’s no secret that most tap and well water these days is not fit for consumption.  It is a source for disease and fatalities as seen in the Flint catastrophe.  For this reason, more individuals are taking matters into their own hands and opting for our Fleck Water Softener like the popular Fleck 5600sxt,” stated a Fleck Inc. company representative.  “It just makes sense that the more polluted natural water sources become, the more need there is for solutions such as those we offer.  We are pleased that we can help keep people safe and when the need for repairs arise, we can help with that as well.”

Fleck Water Softener systems do more than soften the water.  They improve and treat the water condition by filtrating out harmful impurities.  In the process, the water is also softened which many find desirable for effects such as cleaning laundry better than hard water and the fact that it also leaves hair and skin soft, unlike hard, chemical laden water.  Another perk enjoyed by consumers of water softening systems is that they require less detergent in order to wash clothes and dishes because soft water promotes suds.

Fleck Inc. also sells water testing kits, drinking water and parts.  Fleck Inc. is the seller of Fleck Water Softener systems and parts for systems such as the Fleck 5600sxt and other popular models.  It is owned by US Water Systems, Inc. and is located in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Their staff consists of certified water specialists and other professionals in the field who provide expert service in all phases of water softening needs.

Fleck valves, Fleck 5600sxt systems and parts, Magnum valves and parts, Pentair tanks and a multitude of Fleck related products are among the wares of FleckSystems, also known as Fleck Inc.

“The Fleck Water Softener system is top of the line,” a company spokesperson explained.  “But any system will need maintenance and we are pleased to provide the parts and service needed in order to keep them running properly.  We have guides available and make it as easy as possible to tend to the units.”

For more information about Fleck 5600sxt or other Fleck Water Softener systems, visit the Fleck Inc. website or contact the company at info@fleck5600sxtguide.com.

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