Introducing OneBone’s Pure Wood and Ultra-Lightweight Sunglasses

These days anything and everything that can be manufactured by machine is machine-made. Here to change this point of view is OneBone’s SlimFit handcrafted wooden sunglasses, boasting the ultimate comfortable design, sustainable sourcing, and more.

One of the typical complaints that sunglass wearers have is about comfort. From heavy glasses that weigh on the ears to misshapen glasses that squeeze the head, it is nearly impossible to find the perfect pair of sunglasses, let alone one that is both comfortable and fashionable. Some sunglass wearers even resort to adding padding to the frames of their sunglasses in order to make them tolerable. Today one company by the name of OneBone is here to change that with their revolutionary adjustable frames and a new, ultra-sleek SlimFit collection. Every frame in the collection is pure wood and completely handcrafted, creating the most comfortable frames around. In addition to comfort, OneBone is proud of their environmentally responsible practices, their stylish designs, and their built-in durability within the SlimFit collection.

Starting with the comfort of the SlimFit design, the team behind SlimFit set out to make the SlimFit frames some of the lightest sunglasses frames on the market. Thanks to a slimming, modern design alongside the use of pure woods in their construction, the SlimFit frames weighs in at just eighteen grams. As a result, many sunglass wearers report barely noticing that the frames are over their ears at all. Additionally, the arms of the sunglasses are completely adjustable. All a user has to do to securely form the arms of the SlimFit frames for a better fit is heat the arms and flex them a bit. As a result, any user can have a personalized fit with nothing more than a hairdryer.

Apart from the sheer comfort of the frames stands the quality of their construction. Every frame in the collection is handcrafted from 100% pure woods including walnut, ebony, and maple woods. In turn, the frames are completely weatherproof and fitting for anything from bitter snow storms, to harsh downpours, to blindingly bright sunny days. As an added benefit, the SlimFit collection is FSC certified, meaning that all sourcing for the woods involved are sustainably sourced, allowing OneBone to do its part by being environmentally responsible.

In order to begin international shipping the SlimFit collection, the OneBone team needs support. To remedy this issue, the OneBone team has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Through this campaign, interested readers can pre-order pieces in the OneBone collection for massive discounts of up to over seventy percent while supplies last. With this support, the OneBone team is excited to make sunglasses more comfortable for a plethora of people around the world.


To learn more visit the Kickstarter campaign page.

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