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The desire to shop local businesses and the necessity of staying within budget puts parents of newborns and young children in an especially tight bind. But the time of having to choose one at the cost of the other is over. Bubs Warehouse, an Australian-based and operated retailer of baby clothes and more, is changing the industry one romper at a time.

The rise in recent years of the movement to shop local businesses merits support, especially when it comes to using consumer choices to bolster the domestic economy. But shopping at local businesses often puts consumers in a tight spot. The feel-good experience of shopping local is offset by the stress of paying exorbitant prices. Many consumers end up feeling that the cost of shopping at a local business is tantamount to shopping at a high-end boutique.

For parents of young children, the difficult choice is especially taxing. It’s common knowledge that children’s clothing can be expensive, and with the rate at which they grow, the rate of spending leaves many families stressed or strapped for cash.

The experience familiar to so many is what compelled Danielle and Mark, the company owners, to found Bubs Warehouse. After their son Nathaniel was born, the two parents quickly discovered the apparel expenses that come with being newborn parents. By launching Bubs Warehouse, they hoped to provide quality, yet affordable baby clothes and accessories.

Through smart business strategies, they can find cost-cutting solutions. They found, for instance, that they could save by eliminating the middleman and shipping direct from their warehouse of apparel and gear, all of which is bought directly from Australian and other international businesses. The amount that they could save with direct-buying, they passed onto customers.As an online retailer, Bubs Warehouse also eliminated the overhead costs of a traditional brick-and-mortar business, additional savings that are reflected in the price tags.

Bubs Warehouse, found at bubswarehouse.com, offers a range of infant to toddler clothes, from cute and clever rompers, to toddler shoes online, newborn carriers, and more. To show their commitment to supporting the local Australian economy, Bubs also has an entire section devoted to Australian brands.

For new parents and veterans in child-rearing, Bubs Warehouse promises to be an exciting and assuring opportunity. With Bubs, it seems it is possible to feel good about shopping local while saving money too.

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