“Pink Batts have been in short supply for many weeks, due to industrial action by 90 Fletcher Insulation employees, which commenced 17th of February. The strike ended on the 25th of May, with workers reportedly claiming that the industrial action has impro”
Pricewise Insulation, a leading Australian reseller of insulation batts and related products, is hopeful that the prolonged shortage of the popular Pink Batts products will soon be over.

The shortage which has now been noticed across the industry, not least in Sydney, where the national insulation resellers also have a physical presence. Melbourne insulation supply levels have also been affected, and this hasn’t gone unnoticed by Pricewise – who’s head office and largest warehouse is located in Epping, in the northern outskirts of Melbourne.

Pricewise Insulation is one of the many insulation resellers who have been impacted by the shortage of Pink Batts products which has resulted from the strike action. Arthur Nicholson works in the online and phone sales department for Pricewise. “It’s been really hard to get hold of stock over the recent weeks in particular. Everyone’s running short, and we’re simply not able to get the insulation in to fill orders.” When asked whether or not he expected the shortage to be resolved now that the industrial action was over, his response was less than convincing. “We’re obviously not the only company who sells or uses Pink Batts. After such a protracted industrial action, there’s bound to be a back-log of orders to be fulfilled. Fortunately we sell a number of good alternative glasswool brands such as Earthwool and Bradford Gold, so we don’t need to send our customers away empty handed, so to speak.”

The Australian glasswool ceiling and wall insulation market is largely dominated by three brands: Bradford Gold, Fletcher Pink Batts, and Knauf Earthwool. Knauf is the only one of the three which doesn’t manufacture in Australia, but imports insulation from England. The Earthwool brand has made good headway in the past decade, with its “low itch” and “feel good” insulation giving it a competitive edge over the established local brands, who have also recently made moves towards developing more installer-friendly insulation. 

Regardless of the local competition, the management at Fletcher Insulation will no doubt be breathing a sigh of relief as their order fulfillment woes come to an end. 

About Pricewise Insulation 

Pricewise Insulation is a leading insulation reseller in Australia. They sell a wide range of insulation for ceilings, walls and underfloors, as well as commercial insulation products. Their popular brands include Earthwool, Pink Batts, Bradford Gold, Kingspan, and Autex GreenStuf. 

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