SysTools Rolls Out Mobile Data Recovery Services for Customers Affected by Judy Malware Attack

The release is issued as a medium of notifying and updating readers worldwide that SysTools provides a unique service for customers affected by Judy Malware attack and resolved various cases over the same to recover the complete smartphone data.

Springville, Utah – June 07, 2017 – The handout is published as a medium to notify and update users that SysTools Software has come up with the matchless service for the one who are affected by Judy Malware attack and loss their crucial Smartphone data. The organization has even resolved numerous of cases of Judy Malware Android, which is found as the most widely spread malware on Smartphones.

Good news for the one who are struggling to get back their lost Smartphone data after Judy Malware attack that has been found in over 41 apps in Google play store and infected 36.5 million Android users globally in one day and still live. SysTools Software has resolved various cases at its data recovery labs.

SysTools Software has received the requests for retrieving the lost data from infected Judy Malware Apps from over dozens of customers. Out of which, some of the cases are mentioned below that are resolved at its Mobile Data Recovery lab.

Case 1:Some days before an employee of the IT Company downloaded an application from the Google play store. Within the few moments later after utilizing the downloaded application, the smartphone automatically got switched off and the one is unable to utilize it. The phone contains all the crucial data and he was not having the data backup.”

Case 2: “Few days back one of food contractor of NGO was accessing his phone and installed some application on his mobile phone. After using that application, he was, keep on receiving pop-up advertisement. Later on, when he tries to open his file manager on his smartphone, he was unable to open as the file was corrupted. The biggest issue was all important phone data was there in it and he has not taken any backup of data.”

Case 3: “One of the college student downloaded a game in his Android phone. After that when he tries to open his browser then a PDF file automatically starts downloading. He tries to cancel that but unable to do so. Once the download of PDF file is completed, mobile phone got hang and after few moments phone started heating up and keep on getting on and off. Whenever, he tries to open any file on his phone, he is unable to access it and gets various pop-up messages. The main problem was he has not taken any backup from a month and phone contains his college study material.”

According to reports, SysTools comes up as one of the business leading organization in the data recovery domain. As data plays a crucial role for everyone whether a company or end users in the today’s digital world.  Many times, users faces numerous of data loss issues that leads to the feeling of hopelessness among them just as in case of Juby Malware. To ease the users with the experienced as well as skilled engineers along with the excellent data recovery solutions, SysTools has been offering a tremendous data recovery services from years.

The Digital world is exposed to cyber-attacks, and it is imperious to exercise caution when it emanates to the safety and security of data. Cyber-attack is possible as no system is fail-safe. We understand that the foremost approach by most is ‘All or Nothing’ thus; we bring to you a data recovery service that serves you all, with its all.  We understand core technology behind the malware infection and further come up with tremendous solutions to get back up the lost data by providing the mobile data recovery service to the users.” The following statement was quoted by the Director of SysTools.                                                                                                                                                                      

Lab Developer of SysTools quoted the following statement “When the news broke about this attack, our team of experts spent their time and comes up with the solution to overcome from this issue. I feel proud that with their accomplishment, we are helping various affected users due to this crisis and lost their data.”

Reportedly, for solving the cases by providing tremendous services involved expert supervision provisioned from Team Director of Lab Development along with Head of Product Development, and other superiors of technical department. The services are initiated, innovated, as well as accomplished by lab team members along with the team of experts.

About SysTools:

This software developing and service providing organization has a reputation of developing the finest range of application programs that deliver the best procedures for the end users.

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