Downlights Direct Confirms the Benefits of LED Lights for Energy Efficiency

Companies like Downlights Direct know all too well about the value of being energy efficient in today’s world. With its selection of LED lights, customers can save as much as 90% on their electricity bills.

UNITED KINGDOM – 7 Jun, 2017 – Nowadays, more people are concerned about energy efficiency. Being energy efficient is, after all, beneficial to the environment, not to mention beneficial in terms of reducing electricity bills. One way of becoming more energy efficient is by making sure that the electric lights one buys are energy efficient – and this means LEDs. LED lights have plenty of advantages for the consumer, since they are sturdier and have a longer lifespan compared to normal lights, they often provide better illumination, and they result in savings on electricity as well. 

One supplier of LED lights knows this all too well. Downlights Direct has been in the business of supplying different kinds of LED lights for many years, and its products include LED strip lights, standard LED bulbs, LED drivers, switches and sockets, and LED downlights. 

As Downlights Direct explains, “LED downlights are the most advanced type of downlights available, providing the clearest and brightest lighting effect and using the lowest amount of energy in the process. We have a large selection on offer from the UK’s leading brands. We stock a vast range of high quality professional LED downlights. Why buy cheap unbranded LED downlights when (one) can buy trusted brands like Aurora or Halers for the same price?” 

The selection of LED downlights available at Downlights Direct is guaranteed to save money for consumers when it comes to their monthly electricity bills. As a matter of fact, this savings can be as much as 90%. Customers can also choose from amongst different categories of LED downlights, including fire rated downlights, insulation coverable downlights, miniature downlights, studio and square downlights, GU10 downlights, and shallow downlights. There is also an array of colour changing downlights on offer, which are available in an array of sizes, control types, and brightness. Some of these types of downlights can also be controlled by Wi-Fi. An array of glass downlights ideal as decorative lighting is available at Downlights Direct as well. 

Downlights Direct is offering an ongoing sale of its LED downlights and other premier products. The range of LED downlights can be purchased by customers online for 65% to 67% off. Whether it’s for bedroom lighting or bathroom lighting, garage lighting, kitchen lighting, conservatory lighting, or outdoor lighting, Downlights Direct is sure to have whatever its customers need.


Downlights Direct is an established lighting supplier in the UK. For more information on the LED downlight selection at Downlights Direct, visit the company website.   

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