Ankaka Announces The Availability Of A New Spy Bug Detector On Its Online Store

The bug detector which can sniff out hidden cameras, concealed voice recorders, as well as cell phone and GPS trackers can be purchased at ankaka.

Anyone looking to unearth attempts to spy on them has just been offered the right tools for uncovering hidden bugs. This is courtesy of an announcement recently made by Ankaka – a reputable supplier of spy equipment. Ankaka recently announced the unveiling of spy bug detectors on in its online store.

The bug detectors are designed to help people to discover attempts to spy on them. As such, they are equipped to discover a variety of spy devices including spy cameras, concealed voice recorders, cell phone trackers and even GPS trackers. This means that the detectors are invaluable for unearthing and thwarting attempts and surveillance.

The bug detectors are infused with a number of capabilities for discovering hidden bugs. Each detector has an inbuilt radio frequency scanner which identifies devices transmitting over the frequencies used by spy gadgets. The scanner can identify transmissions emitting from within a range of up to 20 meters.

The detectors are inbuilt into devices which have LED displays. Each display has a 10 level LED indicator which indicates the signal strength of audio bugs or video bugs. This indicator means that the detectors can help in pinpointing the exact locations of the bugs.

The bug detectors also have an inbuilt alert system which can use audio beeps, vibration or LED readouts vibration to inform the user on the proximity of bugs. Above all, the devices are small, portable, and require a single touch of the button in order to operate.

Ultimately, Ankaka’s spy bug detectors can be invaluable for sweeping up homes, workplaces, and even hotel rooms for hidden spy bugs. Whoever wants to acquire the bug detectors can place their order from Ankaka.

Ankaka’s spy detectors are available in a number of devices from pens to wrist-worn and hand-held devices. This gives any would-be buyer a broad spectrum of devices to choose from. The full array of the company’s spy bug detectors can be found its online store.

About Ankaka

Ankaka is the premium spy gadget supplier from China. It specializes in helping private investigators, law enforcement, and even spy gadget enthusiasts to find cutting-edge spy and anti-spy gadgets. The company’s forte specialty is embedding spy tools in ordinary gadgets. Examples include USB sticks, sunglasses, photo frames, and even pens which have listening bugs, motion sensors and listening bugs embedded into them. The full details of the company’s products ca be on its website.

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