CENTRE OFMOM, Luxury Confinement in Childbirth, Experience the High-end Star-level Confinement in Childbirth

Many stars once chose to conceal their marriage and childbirth information. However, the high-profile showing of pregnant belly and babies has become a popular trend. Now, more and more female stars in the entertainment circle have become moms; therefore, eagle-eyed spectators have naturally found that a lot of stars have chosen to have their postpartum recovery periods at the confinement service center.

The topic of the confinement service center seems to become one of the standard contents of news related to childbirth of stars, for example, the bombshell headline “XX is checking into the confinement service center with sky-high price, and little friends are petrified with the price of X ten thousand Yuan per night”.

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It’s nothing new that female stars chose to have their luxury postpartum recovery periods at the confinement service center. Many female stars are followers of the confinement service center, for example, Hannah Quinlivan, Barbie Hsu and Elephant Dee, Annie Shizuka Inou, Fan Fan and Cathy Tsui…… in Taiwan, and South Korean female stars such as Han Ga In, Kim Hee Seon and Jang Dong Gun’s wife. The common feature of these beautiful stars is: after giving birth to a baby, they are still as beauty as before, with a super awesome body shape that admirable by all; and when they are showing as hot moms, their perfect figures would make fans doubt whether these stars were really pregnant or not.

Why stars did not have their postpartum recovery periods at home? Why so many stars have emulatively had postpartum recovery periods at the confinement service center? They clearly can stay at their luxury houses and hire a top maternity matron. But why did they take a lot of troubles to find a confinement service center? Do they really have so much money to burn? What kind of service can be provided with the frequent monthly consumption of several hundred of thousand Yuan or even more than one million Yuan? Actually, you do not know how good the confinement service center is. Star hot mom becomes more beautiful after their giving birth to babies. This has a significant involvement in their correct choice of the confinement service center!

The postpartum recovery period is a turning point of female’s health. In one sense, women have the chance to become healthier and more beautiful after their giving birth of babies as long as they make good use of the good opportunity of changing their physical condition and use the correct method of experiencing the postpartum recovery period. Someone call the postpartum recovery period “the second development and growth stage of woman”, which shows that new mom places great expectations on the postpartum psychosomatic conditioning. Professional confinement service center provides the most considerate, comprehensive and specialized postpartum care with focuses on “convalesce, nursing, diet, accommodation and specialization”.

Every lying-in woman has her own professional nursing team, including the paediatrician and obstetrician and gynecologist, the senior nursing adviser, the senior dietician, psychologist, etc.; the scientific, professional and comprehensive nursing of the postpartum new mom by this professional nursing team will change the boring postpartum recovery period into “the honeymoon”. New mom definitely would not have the hurry-scurry state, instead, she would keep a good mood and feel calm; this would help her quickly recover and also bring many benefits for her baby. Understandably, stars are willing to pay money to choose formal and professional confinement service center to nurse and recuperate their own health and their babies’ health.

Now, this trend has influenced many young moms. Previously, moms often talked about parenting skills and the sweet and bitter in the process of childbirth, complained about the noisy babies, the disobliging husbands, the difficulty of breastfeeding when they are free and at leisure. The rising of the confinement service center precisely solves a series of postpartum distress for moms.

As demand increases, the confinement service centers are sprouting in first and second-tier cities quietly. However, the insufficient industry norms and the involvement of multiple regulatory problems result in unavoidable regulatory dead zone; thus, some confinement service centers are not so “beauty”, and not so professional, safe and scientific that considered by consumers.

To this end, Hanmi Pharm. Co., Ltd., a group with the consistent pursuit of excellent quality, as well as the advocating concept of serving Chinese infants and moms with the safe, natural and healthy service, invested nearly RMB one hundred million Yuan to establish the Chinese domestic high-end diversified maternal and infant care, beauty and body care integrated service center — CENTRE OFMOM, in 2016, together with DERAMA, the star level South Korean postpartum nursing center. It aims at serving moms with its professional medical and scientific research background, rich high-end nursing experience, exclusive and humanistic service concept, and perfect and comfortable service experience as well as the international standard supporting facilities.

In South Korea, female family members of many top political and economic leaders and the most famous entertainment stars are loyal customers of DERAMA. DERAMA enjoys a good fame in South Korean upper class with its professional and senior neonatal care experience and excellent postpartum recovery effect. Now, CENTRE OFMOM is bringing DERAMA into China, with the senior Chinese and South Korean experts as the team members of DERAMA medical and nursing team, DERAMA will escort the health of moms and babies based on its high level experience in maternal and child care for years, and it will strictly implement the South Korean standards in both hardware supporting facilities and technical services. On the basis of maternal and child care, DERAMA restores and upgrades the exclusive and special DERAMA SPA system for the purpose of recuperating the body and mind from the inside-out and restoring the beautiful appearance for pregnant and postpartum women, and helping women keep radiant confidence and beauty at every important period of breeding a new life.

New moms have experienced the terrible nausea and vomiting, the displacement of the internal organs because of extrusion by the foetus, the panic due to the change of figure and facial appearance, and the helplessness and worry of becoming a first-time mother…… So, we definitely should offer the best care for new moms during their postpartum recovery period.

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