MultiplyIQ Releases Annual Greater New York Summer Camp Survey

NEW YORK, NY – 8 Jun, 2017 – MultiplyIQ, a platform for students and parents to discover learning opportunities, releases its annual Greater New York Summer Camp Survey, revealing a diverse selection of summer camp programs in the New York metropolitan area.  “The average number of school days in public or private schools in New York City is approximately 180 days, summer camps represent an important source of learning opportunities for students. The choice of summer camps in the area is diverse, ranging from traditional offerings such as sleepaway camps, sports programs to specialized camps such as robotics and theatre arts.  We are encouraged that many providers tailor their offerings to specific needs of students and parents.” said Peter Ho, founder of MultiplyIQ.

The average weekly cost* of day camps in the survey is $670.  While the average cost by category such as sports or arts does not deviate significantly from the overall average, there is significant variation within each category.  The average weekly cost of sleepaway camp is $1,080.  Sleepaway camps located in the state of New York have the highest average weekly cost at $1380, or 28% higher than the category average. The survey also reveals approximately twenty percent of programs provide some form of financial aid to students. Pay-as-you-wish, or tiered pricing, is offered by four percent of camps. In addition to serving families in the area, approximately five percent of program providers also target the needs of international students.

Based on government data, there are 375 camps registered with New York City. Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH) conducted over 1800 inspections in 2014 to 2016 to ensure camp operations are within proper safety guidelines.  Several inspections are noted with significant violations below.

  • Camp director with criminal record
  • Students are not protected from unreasonable risks to health, safety, sexual abuse and public health hazards
  • Health directors without proper medical credentials
  • Potential hazardous food preparation procedure

Vast majority of providers pass the inspections with no issues noted and programs with minor issues are corrected in subsequent inspections.  If parents want to know more about safety records of specific camps, they are recommended to ask camp operators to provide records of government inspections.

Given the diverse choice of summer programs, social media represents an important information source for parents and students. A significant portion of summer program providers are active on social media.  Approximately three quarters of summer programs have a presence on Facebook and roughly half of the sample utilizes Instagram, a subsidiary of Facebook, and Youtube.  Google Plus, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Flickr, Yelp and Tumblr are used by less than twenty percent of summer program providers.

MultiplyIQ utilizes public information on company websites and social media to conduct the analysis.

*Average weekly cost assumes 35-hour program duration and it excludes discount, financial aid, and optional services such as early-drop-off or late-pick-up.

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MultiplyIQ is a platform for students and parents to discover learning opportunities. By providing students and parents with information on learning resources inside and outside the classroom, MultiplyIQ strives to spark the love of learning, the currency for success in the future. 

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