Botpress: Create Your Own Bot with the WordPress of Chatbots

Dubai, UAE – When businesses have already spent thousands of dollars to build a decent website for their customers, as well as bring traffic to that website through digital marketing campaigns and strategies like SEO, they cannot afford to lose visiting prospects. For those who can utilize chatbots, Botpress is the perfect chatbot tool. Known as the WordPress of bots, Botpress is an open-source platform for developers to create, extend, and manage bots. It’s open source and free-to-use features are intended to encourage collaboration and transparency.

“A 24/7 chatbot can help reach potential clients and draw their attention to start a conversation,” says company representative, Justin Watson. “Chatbots can carry out sales speech and promote the business to find new customers and help website viewers with instant answers. A chatbot can also generate leads – visitors who leave their contact information for the business to get connected with them.”

Botpress also features a modular design so developers can design their bots from the site’s collection of specialized modules that do individual functions well; a rich graphical interface or API and modern tools like React, ES7 and Webpack that developers prefer to use. Click here for more information about Botpress’ offered features. Getting started is easy since Botpress comes with a CLI which allows anyone to create a bot in just a few seconds. Developers do not have to reinvent the wheel with Botpress. They can simply leverage the hard work already done by other developers by accessing modules previously created and shared through their communal interface. Developers feel at home immediately with all the tools they need and limitless control.

A chatbot is a service that people can interact with. They are directed by artificial intelligence and sets of instructed rules. They can be integrated into any chat service like text messages, Slack, and Facebook Messenger. Chatbots are becoming popular as they can potentially help businesses in exponential ways. They can communicate in human-like chats and provide responses within the correct intent, language, and tone. When guests are on a website without anything proactively getting their attention, visitors will often leave the site without providing their contact information or inquiring for the help or assistance they desire. That may mean losing a potential sale or a valued client forever.

To know more about how to use Botpress and it’s features, check out their official website at They can also be reached via phone number 971508045129 or via email at with any questions or concerns. Interested personnel can visit their office located at Office 4, Level 3 Dubai Dubai United Arab Emirates.

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Company Name: Botpress
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