New Book Hits Amazon; An Experienced Man Telling it Like it is

Relationship expert C. S. Smoke has just published his latest book “Men Grow Some Balls” which Smoke said “knocks the wind out of traditional theories.”  The book has sold briskly in its first few days.

“Why are all women hypersensitive no matter how sweet they seem?” C.S. Smoke, noted Relationship Expert explains “Hyperthyroid, Menopause, Estrogen, Progesterone, Monthly Cycle, Depression and Mood Swings – it’s a bomb and it is reality” Smoke continued “My father never explained any of these things to me, it was not talked about back then – but every one of the items listed above will be a part of the relationship with your woman someday!”

“This is the most powerful book in the world for explaining the emotional behavior of women” said David Falise CFO of C. S. Smoke Inc.

C. S. Smoke is currently on tour in Canada and is booking appearances and book signings in the US for October and November.  “I like to get out and meet real men with real problems – so many guys today have no one to talk to, they are always told they are in the wrong” Smoke stated “Well I’m here to give another side to the story, you aren’t alone men, Smoke knows your pain and Smoke can fix this.”

The book covers chapters never approached in one book before, “Women Hold Grudges Forever”, “Social Media and Women”, “Women’s Questions can be Explosive”, “Why do Girls Act Like Their Mothers?” and “Toys: Why do Men Love Their Toys?” to name just a few of the over 80 chapters in this ground breaking new book “Men Grow Some Balls”.

“I am not afraid of the Politically Correct critics, I am not PC, “As a successful self-employed 51-year-old business owner, I can say today that I only wish someone had given me a book like this to read 30 years ago” Author C. S. Smoke Continued “It would have saved me a lot of headaches and hundreds of thousands of dollars throughout my lifetime”

Relationship Expert C. S. Smoke added “I promise each and every one of you that read this book; you will become a more passionate person about life”

This book is written for guys” noted David Falise “That said – it is a MUST read for women and is written to teach you all about the irrational and emotional behavior of women affected by the science explaining the differences of men and women.” David continued “It is PC to say men and women are the same, C. S. Smoke proves this misconception and could save your relationship right now.”

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