The One Text That Can Help Save Your Life

We speak for you, when you cannot speak for yourself.

DAYTON, OH – 8 Jun, 2017 – A Voice 4 U Founder Katrina Seiter of Dayton Ohio, was in a car accident that left her close to death, developed a technology-based medical information system that helps First Responders and good samaritans retrieve necessary medical information by using a simple text message, QR Reader, or phone method. Doctors and first responders receive users’ emergency medical information within seconds.   According to Ms. Seiter, “This is one text than can help save your life”. The technology helps users keep their medical information up-to-date, easily accessible and organized, without the use of an app. 

Ms. Seiter and her team are not only gearing their efforts towards the healthy that someday may unfortunately be in an accident.  Other measures to be cognitive of nowadays are the terrorist attacks and natural disasters.  Ms. Seiter would like the healthy to be prepared for just an In Case of Emergency (I.C.E.) A Voice 4 U team are placing their efforts equally towards loved ones with Alzheimer, or Dementia, Special Need Children, Juvenile Diabetes and Epilepsy just to name a few. 

Users are provided medical ID cards, key tags, and stickers after they create a profile with their personalized Hipaa compliant medical information. Personal information such as home addresses, social security numbers, or credit card numbers, is never made public. In case of an emergency, Good Samaritans, doctors and first responders can quickly access their data from one source by texting, calling in or scanning the code on the user’s card. A Voice 4 U keeps this medical information safe via a tight niche layered secure system.  Alzheimer, Dementia and Special Needs members are encouraged to sew patches on their clothes, wear bracelets, dog tags, or shoe tags as well as place stickers on their personal material property such as a phone appropriately. 

A Voice 4 U was invented out of necessity. Founder Katrina Seiter was involved in a car accident that left her close to death. She was unconscious when first responders arrived at the scene. Based on her condition, they administered morphine, not knowing she was allergic and that this drug would actually kill her. One of the first responders recognized Katrina and contacted her family, who immediately told him that she was allergic to morphine. Now, in addition to administering to her injuries, first responders had to work to save her life due to an allergic reaction.

Katrina states, “If first responders had access to my medical history and information immediately, there would not have been a near-fatal allergic reaction to the morphine. The first responders, even the good Samaritan, would have been aware of the allergy I have to this medicine and would have been able to transfer that information to the hospital.”

A Voice 4 U offers four different membership levels for subscribers, which also includes pets. Members choose the level they want and complete their online profile by entering the medical information they want their doctors or first responders to have access to.  Personal confidential identifying information such as a home address is kept confidential. 

For more information or to purchase the product visit, or call 937-222-2848.

A Voice 4 U is located in Dayton, Ohio, where its system of medical ID cards, key tags and stickers are proudly  “Made in America.”

About A Voice 4 U

A Voice 4 U is an independently, woman-owned medical information system corporation founded and located in Dayton, Ohio. It helps users keep their medical information up-to-date, easily accessible and organized so first responders and doctors can quickly access it in case of an emergency via a simple text message. Its system of medical ID cards, key tags and stickers are “Made in America.”

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