Big Buys of Digital Currency Going Viral, the United States CFG Group will soon be a number of companies acquired


I believe that “blockchain” is not a new word for most people. After all, driven by its own innovative power, this term has been pushed to the prominent front of the economic “high-frequency vocabulary” for several consecutive years, and been greatly concerned by all circles of society. As the most noted and influential “derivative” of the blockchain technology, the digital currency has been cloaked in a halo of “wealth” since the beginning of its birth, and has gradually become one of the money products that have bear profound impacts on current economic structure. It is worth mentioning that the third-generation digital currency “CFC”, issued by the CFG International Group LLC, is one of the most spotlighted money products in the investment community.

Rise to Create Another Ring of Wealth Halo

Although most people have heard more or less about the tremendous achievements of the CFG Group with awe and admiration, many of them may have little knowledge about the history of CFG’s acquisition and industrial tie-in. Let me take the chance to fill you in on the past and present of CFG in some details so as to help you better understand the overall condition of CFG and analyze their key to success.

After having made meticulous investigation and scientific comparison, three well-known listed companies in the United States made a proposal in May 2017 to acquire the CFG Group and all its industries. Some people might be skeptical about what kind of special properties they were that CFG has while others don’t make these three companies with a staggering total wealth not even hesitate to spend some “astronomical number” acquiring it. I think this is a very easy question to answer if you spend some time searching on line or in various media to learn about CFG’s mature application of blockchain technology and the third-generation digital currency “CFC color Fortune Coin.” After doing so, many of you will have a quite clear answer for the question.

It is worth mentioning that at the earlier stage of the acquisition, these three listed companies hired PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), one of the world’s top accounting firms, to conduct a specific and comprehensive financial audit on the CFG blockchain. They were doing so because they wanted to achieve the follow-up industry tie-in at a faster speed so as to acquire a huge capital and a good “start” to secure a strong edge in their future business.

Pursuit of Technological Innovation to Beef up Digital Curreny Development

After the acquisition of the CFG Group and its industries, they panned out a higher salary than the sectoral average to hire Dr. James P. Scriven, a trust-worthy professor of economics at the University of Cambridge with 5 years of experience in the field of blockchain, to take the post of CEO. By virtue of his rich management experience and sharp foresight, James P. Scriven subsequently utilized reasonable adjustment of scientific research team and integration of advantageous resources as the basis to further such characteristics of CFC (Color Fortune Coin) digital currency as “node clustering, intelligent distribution, high diffusion rate and high mobility,” which completely materialized the innovative development of digital currency.

It employed the fastest speed and the most eye-catching super-efficency to meticulously create a node cluster with profound background and solidly dock with the platforms of globally-known realtors, tourism, gaming, e-commerce, as well as the popular O2O to realize the full-range coverage of digital currency in block applications, making it swiftly become the veritable tycoon in the field of digital currency. Its frog-leaping advancement out of the peer’s expectation has not only ushered in a wave of technological innovation for digital currency but also push forward the overall development of the digital currency from a macro perspective.

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