Eyewear goes Extra Cool and Eco-friendly with Joplins Bamboo Sunglasses

Lisboa, Portugal  – The morning jog on the beach has just become more eco-friendly. Joplins sunglasses, made from lightweight and floatable bamboo fibers, are nearing their production date on Indiegogo, and everyone is invited to share and join in this initiative to spread positive vibes around.

Joplins bamboo glasses are unlike anything seen before. They fit well, resist humidity with double flexed hinges, and are handcrafted from 100 percent sustainable bamboo, the natural wonder fiber that has found application in multiple industries. Lighter than regular wood, the bamboo frames make Joplins sunglasses superior to regular products, and make for an environment-friendly eyewear for all outdoor activities and water sports.

Joplins glasses not only exude the natural, cool factor, but have polarized lenses for blocking glare, and offer maximum UV protection. Wearers will never feel the weight of the glasses, and the frames are flexible and hard to break. As a floatable accessory, water sport enthusiasts will never fear losing their Joplins while surfing or wakeboarding.

“Using reliable bamboo materials, we strive to create a brand of sunglasses that is recognized as green, sustainable, positive, and conscious! We aspire to radiate good vibrations through our product,” says Rafael Garcia Dutra, Founder, Joplins Sunglasses.

Eco-friendliness is not the only attraction of Joplins bamboo sunglasses. Every pair of the eyewear is hand crafted to be unique, and there are several styles to choose from. Among them are the Srisri with square brown frames for yoga admirers, Hayden, which carries the blue jeans external spirit with a mix of red and blue, and Stuzzi, meant to amplify positivity with its orange brown exterior.

Founded in California, Joplins has its operations in Rio de Janeiro, and the eyewear reflects the warm, tropical climate and the upbeat vibes of samba. The team has also begun operations in Lisbon to cater to European markets.

The Joplins bamboo sunglasses are available for order on their online store and come with a fiber cloth bag and a full year guarantee. The Indiegogo campaign is currently on, with production slated to begin early July and delivery by August. Joplins is not only environment conscious, but also plans to donate 5 percent of profits to the Art of Living Foundation.

For more information, please visit: www.wearjoplins.com or go now to their Indiegogo page https://igg.me/at/joplins

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