Shires Law explains risks associated with laser hair removal treatment – and how to get compensation

Not many people may be aware of it, but whilst laser hair removal is an effective treatment, there are risks associated with it as well. This is something that Shires Law explains in detail to those who are seeking information, especially those who have already become victim of an injury.

UNITED KINGDOM – 8 Jun, 2017 – There are different types of treatment when it comes to the removal of unwanted hair, such as shaving, waxing, threading, and so on. But one of the most popular types of treatment is the use of laser technology. With laser hair removal treatment, individuals can benefit from not only an effective treatment which helps them do away with unwanted hair (whether permanently or for a very long time), but a treatment which is not that painful, either.

But despite the popularity of laser hair removal treatment, it doesn’t come without risks, as explained by Shires Law. Shires Law, a law firm which has been dealing with different forms of personal injury claims for many years, knows all too well the risks that are related to such treatments and procedures. It has, after all, had a good number of clients who have become victims of such treatments, be it with laser burns, skin irritation, skin discolouration, and even laser burn scarring. As Shires Law states, “…Whilst this type of procedure is often carried out well – with some amazing results – it is not without its own set of risks. You must remember, after all, that laser treatment is not properly regulated, which means that it can be done by virtually anyone without the proper set of skills or even the right training.”

The risks, according to Shires Law, are further exacerbated due to the lack of knowledge or ignorance (often even negligence) of the technician performing the procedure. One risk, for instance, is permanent skin damage, especially in the form of scarring. Laser burns are another common risk, particularly if the technician makes use of faulty equipment or does not put the machine in the proper setting. Yet another risk, as explained by Shires Law, is the risk of skin infections, which can happen if the technician does not provide clients with the right advice regarding after-care.

For those who have further questions about laser hair removal treatment and its accompanying risks, Shires Law’s representatives are more than willing to assist – and for those who would like to seek compensation for an injury, Shires Law’s solicitors can be easily reached through the firm’s website.

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