By Design Gems specializes in offering stunning gemstone jewelry pieces and locally mined gemstones

8 Jun, 2017 – It is true that crafting a custom jewelry piece for a loved one with a unique gemstone is very special, as it can be passed on to generations and would have lifelong memories. By Design Gems, the well known jewelry store located at the Old Historic District in Colorado Springs creates such interesting jewelry pieces to help people make a lasting impression while gifting their stunning jewelry pieces. They have highly skilled craftsmen who can create exquisite pieces of jewelry by putting together the ideas. They are experts in creating each jewelry piece with finest details.

By Design Gems is a local company that specializes in offering locally mined gemstones to the jewelry artists across the globe. They also provide gem cutting services at their onsite workshop and can create custom jewelry pieces at the studio that has 3D printer. The backyard of Colorado is the abode to the abundant supply of impressive gemstones and By Design Gems works along with the local miners of the region to bring out the beauty of these stones to the buyers. They also specialize in selling some of the best faceted gemstones, minerals, rough gemstones, Cabochon gemstones and artist collections from around the world. Their inventory is flooded with stones from several countries, such as Australia, Colombia, Vietnam, Brazil, Mexico, Zambia and Canada.

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By Design Gems consigns several artists for bringing their unique gems and ideas for their customers. They work with artists from Colorado region as well as from areas like South America, California and Texas to make sure that their custom pieces are genuine and one of its kind. There are numerous showrooms of By Design Gems, of which, the earlier one was located in the popular Horse Alleys in the Colorado city during the late 1800s. At present, they have a showroom at the Colorado Springs region that comprises of a showroom, design studio and lapidary room to help their craftsmen and professionals craft exquisite pieces of jewelry.

There is a dedicated Artist Collections section on their website that has splendid collection that draws inspiration from the multi talented artists who are dedicated in offering exquisite pieces. They have exclusive designs by well known artists like Matthew Flynn, Teri Adams and Fjellman and have custom cut stones offered by Jim Barzee.

About By Design Gems

The website of By Design Gems is a family owned business that is newly formed in the Colorado Springs region in Colorado. This well known jewelry store specializes in offering custom jewelry design at their studio that has a 3D printer and gem cutting services at the onsite lapidary workshop. They also offer locally mined gemstones to the jewelry artists across the globe. 

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