Radio and TV Personality Kris Kourtis Speaks out!

NEW YORK – 8 Jun, 2017 – Kris Kourtis born, 1983, January 23rd is a Greek And Lebanese Celebrity. 

He Owns KKN. The Kris Kourtis Network. And other online Radio stations. 

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Kris Kourtis Speaks to The Nation.

“Unity can create miracles but only willingness will get you there.

There is so much corruption on this earth and injustice. We as the people are our only hope at changing our world and our reality. 

Are Men and Women treated equally today? No.

Are Gays and Lesbians accepted in this word?? Until now no.

Are Animals being treated correctly?


Are people from all all races treated equally? Never.

If you are waiting for the your government to do something to change your lives or the lives of others then you are living in another Universe.

When the book the The Secret came out, the world went crazy thinking that their thoughts can change reality…

Premeditative action is your only diamond Key.. The Law Of Attraction is one big massive scam, but because legally it cannot be proven that it’s a scam these people can’t get arrested. Trust me I have mastered LOA for years and if it worked I would be sitting on bed made of diamond and owning all the banks of this entire Globe.. Wake Up!! Don’t be fooled.. You are smarter than that.

We as the people have to work together to help alter this world if you want to ameliorate anything.

I donate large sums of money to UNICEF and PETA (People for the ethical treatment of animals)..

Just because I am very wealthy that does not mean anything.

You too can donate at least one dollar to any charity of your choice..

Donating endless money has brought us nowhere. It is still Legal in Japan to slaughter and kill Dolphins and serve them as sushi or steaks.

If I were elected president the first thing I would do is make health care Free.

So many ill patients die every day because they don’t have health insurance. 

So many mentally ill people who are suffering from schizophrenia or Bipolar disorder still are not getting the right medications because psychiatry is still abstract. My Uncle who was the biggest Neuro Brain Surgeon in Sweden always told me that the mind is the most complex thing and it will take us at least 300 years to understand it a bit better.

Psychiatrists should know their limits and should not administer any medication just by what they think the patient needs. It’s always trial and error.

Bullying has become worse and worse because so many teenagers and college students committed suicide as a result of bullying. Just because you are overweight, gay, black, Latino, Asian or mentally disabled that does not give anyone the right to belittle you.

My advice is when as soon as the bullying begins SPEAK OUT!!

Tell everyone from parents to school and college directors and include the police.

Sign petitions against bullying.

Being Gay or Not being white is not a crime nor is it wrong!!!!

Do you know how many suicide cases there are because someone was gay or non Caucasian???? This will shock you!!

Who are we as human beings to judge one another??? Only God Judges!! Your job is to keep that serpent mouth shut if you are going to judge or gossip about someone.

If you have a dream and it does not work out don’t be mad. Maybe it’s not the right path for you. Don’t go against the flow of life because if you do, you will perish. In life you either sink or swim.

Now there are new breeds of serial killers. And they all hide behind the laptop or computer. 

Serial killers are white males age 22 to 40. They could be straight, gay or bisexual. What turns on a serial killer is the suffering and death of another human being. They feel no remorse or guilt. They are very smart, charming, and 60 percent of them are very good looking. They are the biggest manipulators, and they will say and do anything  to have you.

Be very careful of online dating or social media networks. There are so many predators online using fake names and endless fake photos.

Like Madonna and Shakira we have an IQ of 140. Does that make us better than anyone?? Never.

Smart people should help the needy, the sick, and the poor.

Gay rights are not strong enough!!!

We as the people should act now and talk to our government and send letters stating that this has become like a natural disaster. We need immediate change now. We must ACT now!

Non-Caucasians should fight harder for their place in the world!!

Change only happens with one action at a time. If we keep doing the same thing over and over and over again we will achieve the same results so instead think outside the box. Try new innovative ways to try to change the world one step at a time.

Write down now on a paper of a list of things you want to change in your life and in the world and start attacking them one by one. Relax use all your brain cells and think really hard of what steps you are going to take for change to occur. Violence is NOT the answer! No problem was ever solved with Violence.

Rather contrive ways to begin change effectively and immediately.”

Kris Kourtis will never stop speaking and helping the world.

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