New Trucking Company, Dreska Transportation LLC, Announce First Lifestyle trucking Company!

WARRENS, WI – 9 Jun, 2017 – Having a Healthy Productive Life on the Open Road is the Key Goal of New Trucking Company, Dreska Transportation LLC

Dreska Transportation LLC will Feature Trucks with Custom Sleepers, along with the Opportunity for Truck Drivers to Get More Miles

Andrew Bork, Founder of Dreska Transportation LLC, is pleased to announce the upcoming launch of his new trucking company that will have one main mission: Long Haul trucking productivity with the health benefits of living at home though RV comfort.

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As a company spokesperson noted, thanks to the USA’s heavy reliance on the trucking industry to get goods where they need to go, there is an ongoing need to ensure that drivers stay safe, well-rested, and are getting the mileage they need in order to support their families.

Bork, who has over 22 years of experience in the trucking industry, is working with fellow drivers to create a company that cares for their employees. The goal of this company, which will start out with twenty-five drivers, 5 fleet managers and one general manager, is to allow truck drivers to live the American dream and maintain their health on the road.

The business model of Dreska Transportation will be different from that of the larger trucking companies to reduce driver turnover. They will be giving drivers a chance to accumulate more mileage, making their trips more profitable and enabling them to provide for their families.

“They will also be purchasing new, custom sleepers that provide some of the comforts at home so that they will be well-rested, ensuring greater safety for everyone on the road,” the spokesperson said.

In order to help raise the capital to pay for needed equipment to help open Dreska Transportation LLC, Bork recently launched a fundraiser on Indiegogo. There, he hopes to raise $10,000,000 through crowdfunding.

“The $10,000,000 will go to purchase tractors with custom sleepers, with prices ranging from $254,000 to $296,000,” the spokesperson said, adding that the trailers will run another $45,000 to $90,000, depending on the deals Bork and his team are able to make.

“The rest will go towards licenses, permits, fees and finding and establishing a company terminal in the mid-west.”

About Dreska Transportation LLC:

Dreska Transportation LLC is a new trucking company that will be devoted to helping truck drivers get the stable income they need and deserve, along with providing more comfortable trucks that are conducive to better rest and a healthier life while on the open road.

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