Robbie Das Has Completed 50+ Joint Ventures & Partnerships

ORANGE COUNTY, CA – 9 Jun, 2017 – Robbie Das has successfully completed 50+ win-win joint venture transactions leading all financial negotiations, valuation, governance, resolution mechanisms, exit mechanisms, legal and financing structures, and capital financing.  Considerable international experience in structuring and negotiating alliances by leading a) the due diligence process, b) the preparation of the JV/partnership business plan, c) the valuation and asset contribution analysis, d) the various financial partnership structures, e) the capital structure and financing considerations, f) all governance terms and exit mechanisms, and g) negotiations of term sheets, MOUs, transaction agreements, JV partnership agreements.  Robbie Das has conducted business across 40 countries globally.

Robbie Das has extensive experience in providing independent and unbiased risk management advice to protect the performance of transactions with customized models and simulations to monitor and control market risks and optimize returns.  Robbie was directly in a leadership capacity to a) analyze balance sheet and income statement exposure to and impact of market asset volatility (foreign exchange, interest rate, and commodities) and the setup of processes for addressing hedging framework, b) execute tailored simulations of the impact of underlying asset moves, c) audit, recommend, improve portfolio of hedges targeting level of risk/return, d) drive the execution of hedges with banks to ensure fair pricing, and e) integrate with JV creation, M&A, financial restructuring and financing transactions.

Robbie Das is a Serial Entrepreneur & C-Level executive with twenty+ years of experience helping companies in various industries restructure and maximize their EBITDA. He has worked with several leading institutional investors to raise capital for growth / M&A for successful exits to strategic buyers, public markets, and private equity organizations.

Robbie Das has successfully completed transactions across the Technology, Media, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Business Services, Energy, Consulting, Food & Beverage, Consumer Packaged Goods, Retail, and numerous other industries.

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