China Filial piety people – Jin Qiaogen, promote ideological and moral education 

Jin Qiaogen from Jiaxing of Zhejiang is widely known for filial piety and supreme good. He has devoted himself to cultivating his own child and turning all children around the world into talents with both ability and political integrity, and his mind will never change until death!


Jin Qiaogen has a son, and has treated nurturing children as his highest pursuit since this boy was born. As a businessman, his income was not fixed, so his wife went to work in the bank when the child was four months old. He had to take his son to the company,looking after him in almost every aspect. He taught the child to talk, to walk, to recognize characters, and to recite Tang and Song poems, putting his business second.As his friend in Shengze said, “He acts as both father and mother!” A child often has numerous questions in the growing process, but he can always answer these questions one by one. He has taken every opportunity to tell his son the harm of gambling,habitual drinking and drug taking since his childhood. He always tells his child, “Do good deed no matter how small it could be, and don’t do evil no matter how tiny it seems.” Moreover, he has tried every means to help his child expand the scope of knowledge, and this child performs especially well in antique, history and geography.When he graduated from primary school, his class teacher evaluated him, “Jin Minjie, you know everything in heaven above and the earth underneath, which makes both teachers and students admire……” It is not easy to make a teacher admire!

But in how to educate the child, the couples often quarrel due to different opinions (refer to My Wife’s Spoiling Education in Moral Education). In the summer vacation ofJunior Grade One, when finding that his wife watched his son play computer games, Jin Qiaogen immediately stopped them, hoping that his son played less computer games. But his mother said, “He does not play frequently, and other children are all playing games.” Hence, the child gained support, and could not stop playing computer games, which affected his study. He tried every means, but produced little effect, and his relationship with his son also became distant. When his son was in Junior Grade Two, he urgently expected that his child could break away from online games and enter a learning state immediately, so he lived in the company alone for more than twenty days, thinking hard. Finally, in Aug. 2011, by utilizing his wife’s superstition, he called together 11 family members, and said that he was the God of Wisdom descending to the world to help his son grow into a talent, expecting that his son could break away fromonline games. On the next morning, his wife’s younger male cousin forcibly sent Jin Qiaogen to Suzhou Guangji Hospital with the reason of “mania”. This was the beginning of his life tragedy. He was tormented in the grievous mental hospital, and has been printed with the label of psycho. Fortunately, his son has given up online games since then. He “thoroughly rectified his errors”, and was admitted to the high school……

After his father passed away in Aug. 2014, he worked hard, and kept awake for three days. Moreover, due to the sadness, pain, self-accusation, and long-term mental stress, his family members forcibly sent him to the hospital for two times, believing that he had a relapse. At that time, he learned a lot of knowledge about traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine when accompanying his parents, so he knew that it was no more than stagnation of liver Qi, but his family members did not trust him. Thinking that his father had a disease, the child ignored him. His son was about to enter the Senior Grade Three, so he took his son to Mount Tai, admonished him repeatedly, and did not let his child leave till he understood the principle. He still stayed in the mountain, reflecting on issues of family education, school education, social environment, etc. After leaving the mountain, he immediately went to the school and talked with the class teacher, Chen of Student Office, and principal in charge of moral education. When searching talents of this school with Baidu, he did not find anyone, but only indecent videos pop out, which deeply broke his heart. He believed that the current school education had too many defects in morality, attainment, and patriotism, but the school leaders passed the buck with the reason that other schools also had similar problems. He felt both sad and angry! When communicating with Xiong of Municipal Education Bureau, Xiong replied, “You are right, but this is a problem of education system.” Then he returned to the school, and exchanged with the principal, but the principal digressed from the topic of discussion, unaware of what to do, and did not allow him to talk in the class for ten minutes. They felt free to have lunch, giving him no opportunity of further communication. Moreover, they asked the security guards to stop him from entering the school and education bureau. The school leaders’ irresponsible words and deeds thoroughly infuriated him. Extremely sad and indignant, he directly drove to the Provincial Education Department without eating lunch, and explained the problems in moral education and relevant solutions (the main idea of Moral Education is as follows: Moral education is related to the healthy growth of every child, the happiness of every family, the stability and harmony of the whole society, and the future of Chinese nation) to leaders of multiple departments. They agreed with him, but still repeatedly said that this was the problem of education system!

Feeling the heavy responsibility, burning with anxiety, he reflected on how to give a direct report to the provincial governor about the deviation of family education and school moral education caused by the focus on economic construction as well as various problems triggered by social delinquency. He tried every means, but could not come into contact with the provincial governor. He attempted to sneak into the compound of Provincial Party Committee by following his car, but failed. President Xi said, “The future is a world belonging to people with right knowledge, mindfulness and positive energy. The real crisis is moral and belief crisis, rather than financial crisis. The one with more rewards will have greater energy. We should associate with wise men, and travel with kind people. We must care about the common people, and hold great love.” Moreover, “If you don’t counsel the monarch when he is brutal, then it is disloyalty; if you dare not talk for fear of death, then it is cowardliness. We should point out the mistakes, and prepare for death if the worst comes to the worst. Only such person is loyal.” Under the encouragement of President Xi and the above burning ambition, a conscientious intellectual with hot blood started his risky journey! At the risk of being hit, being sent to the hospital, being sentenced, and even being killed, he wrote down many phone numbers with the remarks of “benefiting Jiaxing, benefiting Zhejiang, and benefiting Chinese nation”. On the morning of 20 May 2015, he enteredthe compound of Provincial Party Committee by scaling the wall for the first time, anddistributed the paper slips on the cars in darkness. During office hours, he asked for an opportunity of meeting the provincial governor as a teacher, but failed. Hence, he had toscatter the paper slips outside the office, hoping that the leader could initiatively contact him after seeing “three benefits”. Then he stayed in the compound to write down morephone numbers, but was sent to the local police station after being discovered. Hefainted suddenly due to the tension and anxiety after eating nothing for three days, and was sent to Zhejiang Provincial Hospital of TCM. Later, his elder sister sent him to Hangzhou Seventh People’s Hospital, believing that he had a relapse. He did not cooperate and went on a hunger strike in Hangzhou Seventh People’s Hospital, so he was sent to Huzhou Third People’s Hospital, to receive the so-called treatment. After a doctor from Suzhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine was invited to Huzhou, and diagnosed him with stagnation of liver Qi, he was discharged from hospital on 4Jul. He wanted to communicate with his child at that night, but produced very little effect owing to the deep misunderstanding and incoordination of his wife. Therefore, he drove to Hangzhou and entered the compound of Provincial Party Committee again in the midnight. He hid in the rain for one day, for fear of being discovered and sent to the hospital by his family members again! On the next morning, he prepared to buy some water, and planned to starve himself for seven or eight days. He thought that the leaders might pay attention after he came out at the last gasp. But he was discovered by thespecial policeman on Baochu Road, and his family members sent him to Suzhou Guangji Hospital again! Unable to meet the provincial governor, under the risk of being sent to the hospital at any time, he had to go to the Taoist temple in Yueqing of Wenzhou and become a monk. With the help of his schoolmates, after his family members swore never to send him to the hospital, he went back home on 30 Sep. Manyfriends knowing him advised him, “Moral education is none of your business! That is a matter of the country!” But he still felt a heavy responsibility, and ignored them.Ultimately, he offended many of his schoolmates and friends.

Though in a dangerous situation, he never gave up. By convincing the family members that this was the last time to adventure for moral education, he reflected the problems of moral education to different departments in Hangzhou for many times. But he wore a long beard to observe mourning for his father, and moral education involves extensive contents, so he never gained a positive response. Willing to defy world opinion, he entered the compound on the morning of 11 Oct. again, carrying the big-character poster writing “virtuous person”, and appeared in the dining hall on the second floor of the compound suddenly to preach moral education. He was invited to the Provincial Bureau for Letters and Calls, but due to the experience of being sent to the hospital for several times, such communication was ineffective. Suffering hunger and cold at night, he was sent to Hangzhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Public security officers rushing to Hangzhou in the midnight took him to Xincheng Town Bureau for Letters and Calls from Hangzhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine on the next morning. Due to this risky journey, he was put on the blacklist of dangers, but he still did not give up reflecting problems of moral education. He entered the compound on the 20th, carrying the big-character poster writing “prove my own ideal with death”. He slept in a camouflage sleeping bag, planning to starve himself……After being discovered by the gardener on the next morning, he was sent to the Bureau for Letters and Calls again, but no achievement was made. Swearing to “prove his own ideal with death”, he entered the compound on the morning of the 21st for the fifth time, but was discovered by the armed police soon. The squad leader led more than twenty armed polices to detain this “big beard”, and shouted harshly, “How dare you come here again? Aren’t you afraid that we break your legs?” He said calmly, “I dare not come here once for my private affairs, not to mention five times! But I will proceed without hesitation for children’s moral education and for the improvement of social morality. You will understand if you can listen to me.” Then he explained the necessity and urgency of moral education in detail. This armed police leader born in Shaoxing was filled with deep esteem, and said, “You are right! You are just like our political instructor.” The leaders of local police station had three opinions: detention, sending him to the hospital, and sending him back to Jiaxing. He really adventured for moral education, and had done good things in his power. He never damaged any objects or hurt anyone. Moreover, he had the experience of being sent to the hospital. Hence, after communicating with governments at various levels in Jiaxing, they sent him to Xincheng at 16:00. An emergency meeting was held in Jiaxing. After investigating the details, the village secretary reported, “This person has no mental disorder, and he is a kind man, who has done good things all the time. Moral education he mentions also makes sense. The only problem is that he has read too many books, and is a bookworm to some degree.” He was called to the Municipal Bureau for Letters and Calls on 4 Nov., taking his book Moral Education. Due to the fact that he was sent to the mental hospital for several times, his explanation did not attract enough attention from leaders in the Municipal Bureau for Letters and Calls. Later, he went to multiple departments in Jiaxing, hoping to distribute the textbooks of moral education by offering 100 thousand Yuan every year. But this dream was not realized.

Approaching 50 years old, he began to learn Weibo, and spent more than 50 thousand Yuan in promoting his book Moral Education on the internet. His mind was innocent and simple: he was willing to spend more money in benefiting one person! Everything comes to him who waits. His article about moral education was extensively spread in China soon.

After the Spring Festival of 2016, he invited more than 100 fellow countrymen to his house, and advised them by using his own experience. He said, “It is morality to respect the old and cherish the young. We should look after our own parents, and help old people around us if we still have time and energy. A truly virtuous man is able to cultivate his own child into a talent with both ability and political integrity……” His moral education speeches explaining the profound in simple terms were highly approved by the fellow villagers with continuous applause! In order to help poor farmers increase their income, he desired to establish a poverty relief fund. In order to inject vitality into the ancient town, he offered several valuable ancient town development suggestions to the Secretary of Town Party Committee. Besides, he asked his schoolmate in China CYTS Tours Holding to help him contact the boss. On 4 Mar., he went to China CYTS Tours Holding at his own expense, and invited investment for his suggestions of hometown construction highly approved by the Secretary of Town Party Committee. But the two sessions were held at that time, so the Department for Letters and Calls detained him with the reason that he might appeal to the higher authorities for help, and stopped him from engaging in his other causes. Feeling humiliated and helpless, he went on a hunger strike for three consecutive rounds, hoping to meet Mayor Hu of Jiaxing City. At the last gasp, he was sent to Kangci Hospital of Jiaxing by his family members and the government on the 30th. After writing the warranty of “stop making a statement on the internet and take medicine according to the doctor’s advice”, he was discharged from hospital on 13 Jun. The ridiculous discharge abstract says “schizophrenia?” Under an uncertain question mark, nobody knew what disease his doctor treated. This directly resulted in the situation that he thought he had nothing at all! He paid a heavy price for moral education, and was misunderstood by his family members, friends and the government. He turned into a selfish and immoral psycho in the eyes of other people. Thoroughly hopeless, he yelled his son’s name and jumped from his building of 11 meters in the noon of the 17th, to realize his last wish of “proving his own ideal with death”. We have seen Bi Gan in modern times, “If you don’t counsel the monarch when he is brutal, then it is disloyalty; if you dare not talk for fear of death, then it is cowardliness. We should point out the mistakes, and prepare for death if the worst comes to the worst. Only such person is loyal.” The village secretary once said, “He is really a wise good man! He is more wronged than Yang Naiwu and Xiao Baicai in the late Qing Dynasty!” Article / former special commentator of Ding Ziyi.

After experiencing a coma for seven days, he suffered comminuted fracture. After escaping with bare life in major operations in Shanghai Ninth People’s Hospital, he returned to Jiaxing Second People’s Hospital for rehabilitation on 6 Aug., and spent the Double Ninth Festival in hospital that year. But he did not forget to look after theold during the Double Ninth Festival, and called the director of supermarket to sendEight Ingredient Porridge to old people above 80 years old in his name. Afterexperiencing nasal cavity and oral cavity operations in Jiaxing Second People’s Hospital, he returned home in the middle of November. Studying traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine independently, he recovered at a miraculous speed via his strong perseverance. Half year later after jumping from the building in December, he could walk independently. Hoping to do all good things, he organized some network groups and guided them to make money through stock market investment. He gave classes for free by utilizing his medical knowledge, andpopularized health care knowledge among the masses. Moreover, he prepared products worth nearly 10 thousand Yuan, which would be given to the fellow villagers for free. After discovering that his schoolmate had many high-techachievements but could not bring about technical progress to the society and save energy for the country, he founded a high-tech company by cooperating with hisschoolmate. But due to his special identity (not accepted by law), the company encountered many legal problems in operation, and fell into a difficult circumstance.He got acquainted with many like-minded friends on the internet. A university graduate came to him and stayed with him for five days, rather than went home. This reminded him of his experience of paying the cost of blood, freedom, reputation andcomminuted fracture, as well as his son that still ignored him after he was “forced to be a psycho”. Thus he was overwhelmed by grief, and could not control his sadnessand helplessness. The first anniversary of his suicidal jump and mourning period of three years were coming soon, and he could not make the society pay high attention tomoral education and arouse his son’s heart at the cost of fast for nearly one hundred days and comminuted fracture. Utterly dissipated, he decides to attract Chinese people’s attention to moral education with his residual life after the mourning period of three years expires! Just as he wrote in self-introduction on Weibo of in 2015, “Department of Mathematics, Chongqing University; abstain from eating meatand keep beard for three years to observe mourning for my father, willing to sacrifice everything to improve all people’s moral integrity!”

It is his biggest wish to meet the Mayor of Jiaxing City, who really understands and cherishes talents. I hope that the society can retain this excellent talent with “filial piety, love, kindness, belief and perseverance”, who possesses extraordinary abilities in medical science, finance and high-tech industries, owns deep research and profound experience especially in moral education, has the courage to tell the truth, tries to do all good things, and is willing to sacrifice for moral education! It has been over one year since I got acquainted with this person on, and I’m neither relative nor friend of him. In order to retain an excellent talent that can truly benefit the country and nation, I, in my 60s, visited the south for six times. I will go to the south for 7 or even 8 times without hesitation if necessary. If the society cannot retain such an excellent talent that is willing to sacrifice for the country’s future and people’s interests, I, Ding Jinliang, will die with everlasting regret. We should never allow a tragic character like “Qu Yuan” to appear in China in the 21st century. Otherwise, I will put the record straight throughout the world!

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