SKU Feeds Program Emerges as an Upcoming Product Marketing Solution for E-Commerce Businesses

June 9, 2017 – SKU Feeds, a recently launched ecommerce marketing tool, is increasingly becoming popular for its slew of handy features. Moreover, online business owners are reportedly content with the amazing turnover and satisfied customers for their respective e-commerce platforms. The state of the art tool was designed to boost product listings across various shopping channels in exchange for exposure and growth in sales for the business in question.

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At its core, SKU Feeds is a marketing service which works in the favor of exposing small & large scale ecommerce businesses to a wide range of audience which would have been hard to reach across otherwise. Especially new ecommerce business owners, who have lots of products to sell, but no prior means of reaching out to potential customers, can benefit from SKU Feeds’ syndicated network of online portals where these products are showcased to millions of interested users.

Since its inception, SKU Feeds has gone through a lot of changes to bring analytic tools that skyrocket sales for a multitude of businesses. While the founders of this product marketing program are happy to see an encouraging response from customers from all over the internet, the company developers state that there is still a long way to go to.

One of the core founder of SKU Feeds recently laid down his opinion about this service as an automated solution with a centralized approach to managing multiple ecommerce websites, products and listings through one source account. “Our users only have to upload their product listings in CSV or XML format at their respective SKU Feeds control panel, the rest is taken care of automatically.”

He further reiterated the resourceful use of the program by saying, “User submitted product listings are exposed to a network of trusted online websites where customers can purchase these products through a direct “Buy It Now” button. This way, our clients can not only retain these customers but also oversee an increase in sales for a bevy of new products.”

Online visitors who are a little skeptic about paying up front for SKU Feeds packages, can ask the company representatives for a demo account. In this regard, SKU Feeds developers set up a test panel where users can download and upload a list of products to see how it affects the results at front end. This is to ensure a satisfied and smooth shopping experience for visitors who wish to try SKU Feeds before actually paying a pre-defined fee.

The full range of SKU Feeds packages varies over different prices and features accordingly. First time customers can visit: to purchase a package that accommodates the number of products they are looking to sell and the potential corresponding websites where their business will be marketed. This segmented approach has helped in a higher satisfaction rate from clients who have a small scale business.

The diligent team members at SKU Feeds wish to thank friends and associates who made it possible for the business to launch formally. Based on an overall encouraging response from online clients, SKU Feeds is expected to venture into other categories of product marketing services. This will broaden the scope of services for entrepreneurs and self-taught business owners who find it difficult to manage multiple businesses within a day’s time.

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About SKU Feeds:

Developed by a U.K. based company of former Magento and shopping websites experts, SKU Feeds is a product marketing service for online businesses. Prior to launching SKU Feeds, the company realized that ecommerce platforms lack a set of handy tools that could properly market their products to the intended audience.

SKU Feeds minimizes the effort on part of the business owners, and exposes their products to a plethora of affiliate networks, leading shopping websites and product comparison stores for maximum conversion to sales. It is a win-win solution for customers and leading ecommerce platforms alike.

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