The Future of Crpto Banking: DigitalNote or XDN

June 9, 2017 – Crypto-currency has the potential to make many into millionaires, and the game has just begun. After bitcoins and alt silver, another new dimension has been added to this evolving future of currency in the form of DigitalNote, or XDN, which carries features such as earning an annual interest on locked deposits. For investors who are careful with where they put their money, this is good news.

DigitalNote is anonymous, just like other crytonote coins such as Monero or Aeon. Based on encryption for privacy and the blockchain technology, XDN carries some more advanced features, such as a deposit function that is part of the blockchain and encrypted message. This allows investors to actually accrue an annual interest on their holdings they wish to deposit for a specified duration.

Investors can earn interest on their holdings of XDN by simply locking the amount in the blockchain. Based on the duration, the annual interest rates can range from 0.4% to 1.094%. 

The DigitalNote wallet allows for specifying the details of the deposit. After locking the deposit, the investor can withdraw the matured amount by simply clicking on the withdrawal button in the wallet.

As a crypto-currency, XDN is evolving, and some of the future updates will include proof of activity and proof of mining, making it even more secure. 

XDN is based on CryptoNote, and allows for securely transferring funds through messages that are untraceable and anonymous. This is achieved with a distributed public ledger.

DigitalNote or XDN can be perceived as the beginning of the crypto currency bank that allows traditional features such as deposits and interests. It is open source, and does not involve the existing financial sector. 

XDN as an investment promises a clean, confidential and secure way of saving and growing their money without the involvement of existing institutional agents. 

We asked one XDN investor why he chose a large stake in XDN, he told us that many crypto experts are confident that XDN is a serious contender in the crypto space. He believes XDN could easily see 1,000%+ increase in value over the coming months.

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