BBBGEM: Moissanite VS diamond-Best gemstone of diamond alternatives

Moissanite is best gemstone of diamond alternatives at present.Rose gold moissanite engagement rings are even more brilliant than diamonds.It is lab created with minimal environmental impact,less expensive per carat,but is quite different from a real diamond.

Moissanite is best gemstone of diamond alternatives at present. Rose gold moissanite engagement rings are even more brilliant than diamonds. It is lab created with minimal environmental impact,less expensive per carat, but is compositionally and visually quite different from a real diamond.

This is a reseach from BBBGEM that Comparing moissanite vs diamond side by side from 4 aspects´╝Ü Market; Comparison the definition; Color, hardness, natural or not, grade and other attributes; Price difference.


Moissanite is one of diamond alternatives. It’s fire appears better than diamond, but the price is only 1/10 of diamond. Moissanite is well known and recognized by people these years. In the foreign market moissanite is also at a high heat sales situation.

Comparison the definition:

Moissanite gem: discovering natural Moissanite can be traced back to the late nineteenth century, the word Moissanite is derived from Dr. Henri Moissan, who discovered the mineral in the Arizona aerolite in 1904. Moissanite (a kind of silicon carbide) also known as carborundum, most of the moissanite stone are synthetic, Natural mulberry is very rare, only in the aerolite crater, its color is dark green, black. Synthetic silicon carbide also known as synthetic Moissanite, synthetic carbon silica (chemical composition of SiC), dispersion 0.104 larger than diamonds (0.044), refractive index 2.65-2.69 (diamonds 2.42), has the same luster by the diamond’s, “fire” stronger, is closer to the diamond than any previous imitation.

Diamond: diamond is the carbide after human treated, carbide is a kind of natural mineral, is the original stone of diamond. Simply put, diamonds form by a carbon element composed of elemental crystals in the earth deep high pressure, high temperature conditions, known as a symbol of love and loyalty.

Color, hardness,natural or not, grade and other attributes:

1, Different from other gemstone such as sapphire and diamond Wedding Rings. Moissanite and diamonds are almost no difference between each other in appearance , but the color of moissanite is J. Compared with the diamond level D E H, Moissanite will be yellower. Moissanite’s fire is stronger than diamonds, the dispersion index is 0.104, diamond is 0.044, in the sun light, Moissanite stone will be more flash.

2, the diamond is cubic crystal gem, with a magnifying glass can not see the ghosting; Moissanite is a kind of hexagonal gem with strong birefringence, in the magnifying glass we can see the obvious ghosting.

3, The finished Moissanite is likely to appear in a very parallel needle tube inclusions, but diamonds do not have these inclusions.

4, With a diamond test pen, or with the conductivity meter test, you can distinguish between the two.

5, On gem market, Moissanite are usually lab-treated while diamonds are natural. Moissanite’s clarity are forever classic, forever brilliant, forever one. But natural diamond’s clarity are SI or VS.

 The following photo is a moissanite ring with diamond accent.Halo Moissanite Engagement Ring


Compared the price of Moissanite and diamond, with same weight, the price arrangement is as follows:

Moissanite < diamond. However, for tiny stones, moissanite wedding band is the same prices as diamond wedding rings.


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