A Mobile Dancing Institution launches Indiegogo Campaign to Seek Support!

Maja Ramba Milicevic, A Beautiful Young Woman from Switzerland is on a Mission to Spread Love & Cultural Harmony with Dance!

Maja Ramba Milicevic, a 22 year old student of Indology and Pedagogy has a passion for dance. She is also a dance instructor and an expert dancer who can perform several types of dances from around the world. In order to live her passion and use dance as a tool of love, Ramba now wants to open a mobile institute/organization whose main work will be the organization of festivals.

The purpose of these festivals will be to promote two main life-goals that are:

  1. Equality of Gender

  2. Equality of Races.

“It is exactly through dance that we can meet and understand each other better because every culture is expressing through dance its ethnic values and soul contents.” Said Ramba while introducing her project on Indiegogo. She has launched a crowdfunding campaign to pursue this passion of spreading love and bringing cultures together by dance. “I want to continue to fight prejudices, bring cultures more near to each other and create a positive clime between genders because this is what the world needs today.” She added.

The Indiegogo Campaign is located on the web at:

www.indiegogo.com/projects/with-dance-for-equality-of-gender-and-races and it offers several pledges ranging from $40 to $10,000 with rewards from a special T-Shirt to a visit of Ramba to the city of the backer who pledges $10,000. She has promised that she and her crew will visit that city and they will dance, making it look like a grand dancing festival.

About Ramba

Ramba is a 22 year old Swiss Dance-Enthusiast from Zurich who has spent her life while growing up in different cultures. She is a dance instructor and a great dancer herself. She now wants to inspire people for other cultures and raise consciousness about gender issues through dance and scientific/cultural workshops. In order to do that, she is now seeking support on Indiegogo and is welcoming everyone to back her.

Media Contact
Company Name: So Dansa
Contact Person: Maja Ramba Milicevic
Email: ramba.adeio@gmail.com
Phone: 00385 98 647354
Address:Pantovcak 50
City: Zagreb
Country: Croatia
Website: www.indiegogo.com/projects/with-dance-for-equality-of-gender-and-races