Businesswoman Shares Strategies on Waiting for “Mr. Right”

“Single Christian women who find dating opportunities slim may question if their standards are too high,” says business professional Janice McLaughlin George. “They may compromise God’s perfect will by dating and marrying non-Christians.” The product management professional and former women’s ministry director says, “Singles should hold out for God’s best and not compromise His will as they seek marital bliss.”

In Confident Love Worth the Wait (Redemption Press, June 2017), Janice George identifies with the reader regarding the pitfalls in waiting for Mr. Right while exposing hidden barriers that impact the ability to see marriage and potential mates from God’s perspective. She advocates letting go of the “fairy-tale perceptions that hinder the experience of true love and marriage.” As women allow God to transform them into His best, they will be better equipped for a loving, lasting marriage that “exceeds expectations and withstands the inevitable storms of life.”

Single women in their 30s and older may have career and educational accomplishments, salaries, and status that shape their criteria for the men they will consider marrying. They are also accustomed to making their own decisions, and enjoy the flexibility of singleness, which may cause them to question their desire or readiness for marriage. George, who has an MBA from Johns Hopkins University, and is pursuing a doctorate in strategic leadership from Regent University says, “God showed me some hidden spiritual flaws that were blurring my vision in seeing prospects and marriage from the eyes of God.”

The scriptural principles George learned became the basis for Confident Love Worth the Wait, along with candid personal stories and applications on dating, courtship, and marriage. Now married over 15 years, she advocates addressing and transforming mindsets before marriage to be better equipped for a loving, lasting marriage that exceeds one’s “fairest fairytale” expectations. In addition to 30+ years old single women, younger women, as well as married women will also find relevant and practical information on preparation for marriage.

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