How To Score The Perfect Father\’s Day Gift For Dads That Love The Water

“3D Wood Nautical Charts Make Amazing Father’s Day Gifts For Water Enthusiast In Your Family”

Dad’s don’t want socks. Ok if they have holes in the socks, then dad’s might actually want some new socks. But when father’s day comes acround – treat your father, as if you like him! The average family spends over $110.00 on their father according to

Is that enough? Too little? Well considering that if you are an adult over 30, your father – statistically was the primary bread winner in the family, so since he most likely made the money that fed you, kept you warm, and helped raised you- how about taking care of good old dad?

Now spouses, if you have young children and they dont have money to buy a gift, consider having the kids make a gift for their dad. The best gifts really are the one’s our kids make. But they usually don’t last that long since they were most likely made out of paper mache. At least the gifts I got from my kids typically were.

So, let’s consider getting your dad something he will enjoy for years to come. This is specifically for dad’s that love to boat and or spend time on the water. What is one of the best ways to preserve memories of your family trips? Videos, photos are all fantastic ways and most of us take those of our trips. We also use magnets, blankets, t shirts etc in order to help us remember and display the fun times we had at those locations.

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Well, how about changing it up a bit for dad? Carved Lake Art sells some of the most detailed, and beautiful nautical gifts for any water lover. Did you love that trip you made up to Cape Cod? They have a beautiful wood chart that details the depth of the water levels and the shore line that will make the memory last forever.

Is your dad not really a wall decorations kind of a guy? Check out these clocks, which have a function (all dads love dual purpose items) and still tell a story.

None of those strike a cord? Ok, I know what you like. Coffee. Yep, I knew I nailed it with that one. Check out these coffee tables!

Want to preserve an international trip? They have those as well!

We want to wish all the fathers out there a happy father’s day and hope everyone gets a burger in their hand and their family in the other.

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