Inno Molding Co.,Ltd produces modern plastic & injection molded products from China

Inno Molding Co.,Ltd is a Shenzhen-based manufacturer that was founded in 1996, and has acquired a high degree of specialization in producing injection and plastic molded items.

Almost each and every individual uses one or more product on a daily basis that has been crafted using the plastic injection molding technique. The plastic molding or plastic injecting molding process can be used to produce items as simple as a cup holder and T-shirt buttons to complex products like automotive components and electrical systems. The biggest advantage of using these advanced fabrication systems is that the parts produced are exact replicas of the molds ultimately enabling them to be fitted or assembled with corresponding components. Plastic granules are subjected to high temperature till they melt and become sufficiently soft and malleable so as to be injected under pressure to fill a particular mold. Inno Molding Co.,Ltd is an established plastic mold manufacturer that has been producing high quality components since the last 20 years.

Inno Molding Co.,Ltd is a specialist plastic injection mold manufacturer that has fine-tuned the process of creating molded products. Since the year 1996, the concern has been wholeheartedly manufacturing ‘plastic worm gear’, ‘iron cover’, ‘automotive mold’, ‘overmolded bearing’, ‘vibrator tank’, ‘socket cover’, ‘ring case’, ‘mainframe’, ‘printer parts’, ‘electronic album’, ‘body housing’, and ‘gear box’ to name a few. The injection molded parts produced by the company find applications across all commercial segments including automotive, consumer electronics, medical, aerospace, IT, and ‘household goods’ sector. Inno Molding Co.,Ltd has a massive mold tool shop sprawled across an area of approximately 3,500sq m where 120 employees comprising skilled designers, project managers, mold toolmakers, and QC specialists work dedicatedly.

Inno Molding Co.,Ltd produces modern plastic & injection molded products from China

As an established plastic injection molding manufacturer, Inno Molding Co.,Ltd always makes sure that the finished products meet quality control specifications prescribed by OPITZ, STRACK, HEB, HASCO, and DME. The firm updates project status reports that comprise elements of milestones, timelines, and costs, on a weekly basis so that customers can keep track and make timely modifications as and when necessary. Presently, the manufacturing firm has the capacity to produce a set of 60 moulds per month and intends to increase the production volume in the near future and as early as possible. The injection and plastic molded parts are exported to customers based in UK, USA, Germany, Russia, Australia, Canada, and many other countries.

This Chinese plastic mold manufacturer has a well-equipped factory outfitted with sophisticated injection machines, molding machines, and quality control equipment. The machineries which have been sourced from Switzerland, USA, and Germany come perfectly handy for turning out premium grade of molded components. Inno Molding Co.,Ltd, apart from furnishing professional molding services also offers product designing and manufacturing services that comprise mold making, metal fabrication, injection molding, products assembling, project management, quality control, packaging and transshipping. Since the company takes care of designing and creating the products on behalf of its customers, the latter can concentrate on promoting the same.    

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Inno Molding Co.,Ltd has a large factory in Shenzhen where quality plastic and injection molded components are mass produced day in and day out. For more details, please visit their website.

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