Colier McNair Reconciles Traditional Religion and Modern-day Issues of Society

The book that offers Americans a newer and much different perspective of the American society with all its frivolities

Humanity now faces the dilemma of maintaining its traditional roots and religious background while coping with the ever-changing demands and concerns of modern-day politics and society.

The mixture of secular society and religious culture has created a different climate in America where people are baffled with the obligation of following newer legislations on one hand and faithfully practicing religion on the other. Religious affiliates find it difficult to grip hard on their faith and continue practicing age-old biblical principles in what many termed as the perilous and polarizing times.

In “Winning the People, Losing America,” author C. Coliér McNair shares how stories in his childhood, family, upbringing, and experiences in life have influenced his outlook and opinion in religion, politics, and other significant issues in the American society in 2017.  This book addresses almost everything one wants to ask when it comes to reconciling religion and society.

“My goal with this book is to get us to think long and hard about what it truly means to win as Americans in America. Each person born into this world and growing old enough to contribute to it is presented with that moment in time to become a winner in life or settle for losing,” McNair says.

“Winning People, Losing America” is a timely and yet powerful spiritual companion that guides humanity in its quest to remain spiritually grounded in a not-so spiritual world. The book addresses issues in religion and politics through the metaphorical lens of America’s national sport, football.

Mc Nair uses this book as a way of sharing to the society what he has gotten from it. “If I can’t share my wisdom and experiences and exercise my talents, gifts, and skills at the slight chance I may inspire and help others, what good is my life?”

C. Coliér McNair

Winning People, Losing America


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About the Author:

Colier McNair lives with his wife in Madison, Wisconsin where he is the senior/ Lead Pastor at Zion City International Church Ministries Inc. formerly Vessels of Praise Apostolic Church Inc. His biography, one sheet and media kits are available at

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