Stratumn Got Round-A Financing of 70 Million Euro, DHG Is to Have A Global ICO, Blockchain Continues Its Hotness

Recently, Blockchain is quite hot. Several famous blockchain companies like Stratumn and DHG have made great achievements.

Stratumn Got Round-A Investment of 70 Million Euro

On Jun. 8, Stratumn, a start-up company engaging in Blockchain, announced that it has obtained round-A financing of 70 million Euro, equal to USD 7.84 million dollars.

According to authentic news, round-A financing was led by CNP Ventures (Risk Investment Department of CNP Assurances), and joined by DCG and Otium Venture.

Stratumn is a platform engaging in developing blockchain for enterprises, which is to provide a platform for the developers who are interested in blockchain. That is developers can set up, allocate and operate the application programs on the platforms developed by Stratumn. These application programs can link with the digital currency blockchains. If so, the developers will be easy to set up applications on the blockchains.

Richard Caetano, CEO of Stratumn, said that they will try to get in American market by the funds so that they can promote and advertise their products.

DHG Is to Have A Global ICO

On Jun. 4, America-Japan blockchain R&D team issued DHG Blockchain White Paper, announcing that the global ICO is to be started.

It is known that DHG is a platform where blockchain techniques are comprehensively sued, where advanced techniques of blockchain like UTXO, Sidechain, merged mining and smart contract are combined together. By DHG, the bottom protocol of blockchain can be perfected and embryo of Internet of Things can be set up.

Daniel Gibson, the designer of DHG blockchain, said that DHG proposed a next-generation technique combining Sidechain, merged mining, SPV verification and smart contract. In the future, based on Internet of Things, DHG might start a new era for blockchain – 3.0 generation.

Media are paying great attentions to this project and they highly evaluated this project. Comments from Routers – “DHG is to play an important role in digital assets, authentic right of data, blockchain financing and social governance etc”, Yahoo Finance also highly evaluated this project – “DHG is to play a significant part in several fields”.

The announcement that DHG is to have a ICO all over the world will speed up the layout of Internet of Things, which might make a new peak for blockchain’s value.

Blockai Re-funded USD 0.95 Million Dollars for Copyright Popularization

On May 28, Blockai, a team in San Francisco, released a copyright service – help artists to protect their own artworks by digital currency blockchain. Now, the team has renamed itself as “Binded”, which begins to focus on record establishment (with legal force) instead of techniques.

According to Techcrunch, this team has got a fund of USD 0.95 dollars. The team hopes that in the future, the creators are able to record its permanent copyright on the blockchain so that they can protect their own intellectual property rights.

Nathan Lands, CEO of Binded, said that what they are doing now is to achieve the popularization of copyright and the products provided by Binded will be free forever. In the future, there will be more services which only charge the necessary fees from the users, like fee for copyright registration. Got Round-A Financing of USD 10 Million Dollars

On May 25, Philippine digital currency transfer APP and have got round-A financing of USD 5 million dollars, which was led by Naspers Ventures (subsidiary of Naspers). Naspers is the largest shareholder of Tencent, the largest internet company in China.

It is known that is the major supplier of digital currency service in Philippine. Now, its business is being carried out in Thailand, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

Justin Leow, the operation supervisor of, pointed out that has more than one million users and it will help the people who do not have bank accounts to get financial services. requires a lower formality fee and the admittance standards will be lower, too. 

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