Unlimited Health Institute Opens New Office in Pasadena to Offer Women New Approaches for Balancing Hormones and Increasing Energy

Pasadena, CA – New therapies in the medical world are ushering in different ways to tackle age and lifestyle related disorders. Treatments such as bio-identical hormone replacement, functional medicine and weight loss are the focus of the new clinic, Unlimited Health Institute, at Pasadena launched by Dr. Tamika Henry, a California Board Certified Family Medicine Doctor.

Unlimited Health Institute has been launched by Dr. Henry to rejuvenate women’s lives who are experiencing lack of energy, imbalanced hormones and reduced passion in their lives. As a healthy lifestyle strategist, Dr. Henry carries extensive experience in Functional and Integrative Medicine, and has studied bio-identical hormones and weight management.

Functional medicine is about identifying the root cause of a person’s symptoms. Using this approach, the new office aims to offer longevity, proven medical treatments, and preventive medicine that considers the whole person comprising the body, mind and soul. The treatment takes into consideration factors such as genetics, nutrition and lifestyle, hormone balancing, digestive health, stress, sleep and toxins.

Dr. Henry has practiced medicine for over 15 years, and came across women who considered being tired, turned off and stressed out as a normal fact of life. Avoiding the path of using temporary solutions, Dr. Henry adopted the new functional and integrative approach to identify and treat root causes.

“Don’t continue to allow life to happen to you; make a choice to take control of your future. I developed a practice that enables me to connect with my patients, encouraging them to embrace life and set forth on a path that develops personal well-being, inner and outer beauty and a healthier lifestyle,” says Dr. Henry.

Unlimited Health Institute is where women will learn to invest in themselves, clean up their thoughts and feel good from the inside out.

For more information, please visit: www.UnlimitedHealthInstitute.com

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