Robbie Das Has Completed 10+ Financial Restructuring & Corporate Reorganizations

ORANGE COUNTY, CA – 10 Jun, 2017 – Robbie Das has completed over 10 restructuring, liability management and corporate reorganizations requiring complex interplay of equity stakeholders, management, various classes of private and public lenders and investors, regulators and sovereign governments with experience as advisors and principals for single-security consent solicitation, capital structure optimization and comprehensive financial restructuring and legal reorganizations.  Robbie was directly in a leadership capacity to a) drive the overall coordination of the overall restructuring process with all relevant advisors from legal, accounting and taxation, b) prepare of reorganization business plan and financial model, c) complete full analysis of alternative capital structures and debt capacity scenarios, d) define alternative scenario strategy and tactics planning, e) prepare of marketing and due diligence materials, f) negotiate and communicate through numerous rounds with all principals, and g) execute organizational change management strategies.

Robbie Das has extensive experience in managing complex financing projects including IPOs and follow-on offerings, private placement of debt, equity and hybrid securities, high yield and investment grade debt raise with significant experience in acquisition financings and recapitalizations, as well as debt restructurings.  Robbie was directly in a leadership capacity to a) project manage, including full coordination and management of counsel, accountants, regulatory entities, media and other third parties, b) create dynamic financial models covering historical and forecast income, cash flow, and balance sheets to be used as a basis for discussions with capital markets, c) prepare and position the investment story and formulate and execute the marketing plan, d) negotiate offering terms based on independent capital markets and investor analyses, and e) supervise the underwriter’s public placements.

Robbie Das is a Serial Entrepreneur & C-Level executive with twenty+ years of experience helping companies in various industries restructure and maximize their EBITDA. He has worked with several leading institutional investors to raise capital for growth / M&A for successful exits to strategic buyers, public markets, and private equity organizations.

Robbie Das has successfully completed transactions across the Technology, Media, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Business Services, Energy, Consulting, Food & Beverage, Consumer Packaged Goods, Retail, and numerous other industries.

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