BlueCart Acquires Sous, Leading Hospitality Tech Innovation

Sous users can expect both upgraded capabilities and the immediate benefits of BlueCart’s network-effect growth model.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – 10 Jun, 2017 – BlueCart, Inc., a leading, cloud-based ordering and customer management platform for restaurants and their suppliers, announced today that it has  acquired mobile-first restaurant administration platform Sous for an undisclosed amount. Sous users will be given access to the BlueCart app and its expansive network of industry buyers and suppliers effective immediately.

The deal marks the latest in a series of strategic moves by BlueCart to position their technology as the only app users will ever need to manage their businesses. This comes after the company released a suite of individual “Editions” customized for specific use cases last month. 

“BlueCart is rapidly innovating to build what we at Sous believe will be an essential part of the restaurant stack,” notes Sous Founder and CEO Don J. Kahn, “We’re very excited to be working together on this shared vision.”

Both Don J. and BlueCart CEO Konstantin Zvereff recognize that the real value in this partnership lies in giving more clients access to greater innovation. Sous users are concentrated mainly in New York City – an area where BlueCart has already seen some of its fastest growth over the last two years –  and the expansion of market share there, coupled with BlueCart’s network effect growth model, gives the company a significant advantage in connecting restaurants and suppliers throughout the region with mobile-first technology.

Zvereff states, “Sous offered a great opportunity to add to BlueCart’s market share in the New York area. As we continue to see wholesale procurement accelerating on mobile platforms, we saw an opportunity to acquire a mobile-first platform and further accentuate BlueCart’s market leadership.”

The BlueCart Business Model

BlueCart apps are designed to improve efficiency and communication on both buyer and supplier sides of the restaurant industry. At their core, these apps eliminate manual data entry, by providing a one-click mobile online ordering platform for chefs and suppliers that tracks detailed analytics, records order history, and allows both inventory updates and order check-in. It is the kind of software Sous customers can expect to seamlessly integrate with the systems they currently have in place.

After seeing both products in action, Sous user Ai Akarach of Ai Cooks Thai Restaurant said, “It makes sense that Sous will join BlueCart – their features are very aligned. I’m looking forward to using BlueCart to work with my suppliers.”

In addition, BlueCart has developed a complete and sophisticated platform for restaurants and suppliers to easily run their operations online. Features such as customized pricing for buyers, online invoicing, payment collection, and personalized e-commerce sites have been key to attracting more suppliers to the platform every day. The company also provides a stand-alone app to help supplier sales reps better manage relationships with their buyers.

About BlueCart

BlueCart is a SaaS mobile procurement platform that connects wholesale buyers with their exclusive network of suppliers in the hospitality industry. BlueCart’s core product is an app that lets restaurants, hotels and foodservice operators place all their orders in one click, and then automatically organizes those orders in one place for both buyers and suppliers. The company’s mission is to help support more productive relationships in the food industry, giving chefs, restaurateurs, and their vendors an easy to use, one-stop communication tool that saves them time, money, and stress.

Every day, wholesale buyers (restaurants, hotels, etc.) spend hours placing orders to each of their suppliers via email or text messages. BlueCart eliminates this wasted time by moving ordering onto a digital workflow that offers a degree of transparency, efficiency, and accountability in the procurement process that simply did not exist before their suite of apps.

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