The Reliabitaly App helps consumers distinguish between products that are genuinely “Made in Italy” and the imitation and fakes also called “Italian Sounding” products.

Created by the same non-profit organisation Reliabitaly, the app, uses product codes to determine whether a product appearently made-in-italy it’s actually italian or not.

MILAN, ITALY – 10 Jun, 2017 – The Reliabitaly app will help consumers to spot products that are simply “Italian sounding” – items that may appear to be from Italy at first glance but are actually made in far-off lands.

In an attempt to fight this widespread problem, the non-profit organization Reliabitaly has created a free app (available for both iOS and Android) that allows consumers to check if the product they’re buying is indeed Made in Italy. And it’s not only for food and drink, as fashion and design products, which are also largely counterfeit, can be checked using the app too.

Once people have downloaded the app, they can use it to scan the code of the item they want to purchase and find out if it’s actually italian or not. Furthermore if the products has been verified by the Reliabitaly’s technical committee, along with the fact that the product it’s really authentic and made in Italy, the consumer will get pictures, information about the item itself and how it was made.

Reliabitaly verifies the production methods, from raw materials to processing, to guarantee not only that a product is made in Italy, but also that it is made following those quality standards that have made the ‘Made in Italy’ such a coveted brand around the world.

Consumers can check products not only through the reading of the barcode or QRcode (typically used for handicrafts items) but also through the NFC tag Acquisition (typically used for high value products) or directly recognizing the whole image of the product, allowing the company’s licensee to decide which is the best way for their products to be verified by consumers.

According to consumer association Coldiretti, the market of fake Italian products, known as ‘Italian sounding’, is more profitable than the Made in Italy market, valued at 54 billion euros, double the amount made through exports of genuine Italian items. This is primarily a damage for the consumers and for the reputation of the brand “made in Italy”.

Reliabitaly founders believe that consumers who want to experience Italian products, have the right to get original products and verify in a easy way the autenticity of their purchasing,  instead of being disappointed experiencing something that has nothing to do with Italy and italian quality products”.

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