Identity Branding Software Changes The Game And The Winners

Introducing the world’s most affordable and efficient way to brand – Identity.

PORTLAND, OREGON – 10 Jun, 2017 –   

Developed by industry insiders, Identity is a branding software designed to give you untapped knowledge to who you are as a business and who you can become. Identity prompts you to answer questions you have never thought of before, taking your brand understanding to heights you’ve never seen before.  

Identity’s branding software empowers you to:  

1. Understand your brand  

2. Elevate your decision making processes  

3. Grow your business 

Branding has become a privilege only accessible to wealthy business owners who seem to have won the game before they started. Identity breaks down the monetary barrier to success by giving affordable access to understanding your company’s ultimate success factor – your brand. Now even small companies can compete with big corporations and dominate. for a fraction of the cost.  

 Your Identity account gives you unprecedented access to:   

  • Your authentic brand identification.  

  • Baseline style components.  

  • An initial branding guide.  

  • Brand personification.  

  • A marketing color palette.  

  • Employee alignment with executive vision.  

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