Seo Tool Ranker Introduces New SEO Tools to Improve SERP

At a series of updates preserved the user-friendly layout and interface while also adding more value to the results desired by the users

Our team of professionals at Seo Tool Ranker is proud to announce the launch of a new and improved website It is one of the most commonly bookmarked all-in-one SEO tool websites. is known for offering simplicity and ease of use for all levels of experience.

The web owners or the people engaged in online business are aware that the world of search engine optimization (SEO) is frequently changing, often in response to updates announced by the leading search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

An example of such frequent updates by search engines is release of Google Panda which was followed by Google Penguin a year later. It put an immediate end to many deceptive SEO strategies.

In simple words, such announcements or updates by search engines like Google merely proved that quality websites would be given priority over those that took shortcuts. Also, the algorithm changes by such search engines would simply enforce their such policies.

Content spinning, backlink building and keyword stuffing are common examples of ‘web spam’, spamming or black hat SEO. These campaigns prioritize quantity over quality. There was complete panic when Seo professionals, webmasters and those providing internet marketing services come to realize their strategies to gain higher search engine results positioning and increasing Page Rank might backfire.

In response to such updates by search engines, many web marketing specialists are not sure what to do next. Once they followed the formulas now lead to penalization.

With day and night working, our team of professionals at Seo Tool Ranker has developed various SEO tools as Search Engine Optimization will always be important. One of the many changes on Seo Tool Ranker is new and improved content for each tool. It provides valuable information about how to use each SEO tool properly, and what to do with the results.

Syed Ammad Ali and Waleed Raza, owners of Seo Tool Ranker say, ‘SEO is still – and always will be – important. The only thing that changes as a result of Google algorithm updates is how people approach their SEO.’

They added there is always been a right way and a wrong way, and we want Seo Tool Ranker to help keep the users on the right track so their efforts won’t go wasted.

Our team at Seo Tool Ranker have built these new tools with successful SEO results and quality monitoring in mind, Ammad and Raza said.

Also, the already existing tools on Seo Tool Ranker have each been updated in order to provide higher quality results. An example of it is several hundred thousand new synonyms are included in the Article Rewriter tool besides other updates to improve the quality of an article or write up instead of producing mass batches of low-quality content.

Seo Tool Ranker is expected to be a highly bookmarked website and would be a leading resource for completely free tools to be used for:

  • Content or article rewriting
  • Checking plagiarism
  • Checking Google Page Rank
  • To monitor quantity and quality of Back Links to improve Page Rank
  • Meta tag generator,
  • Generating XML Sitemap,
  • Checking backlinks,
  • Checking keyword density
  • Besides Pinging search engines when content is added or updated on a website for faster indexing and others.

In addition, it is to be reminded to the end users that each SEO tool should be used for good as quality is more important than quantity when it comes to content on the website or blog. Besides how to use each SEO tool for white hat search engine optimization.

It has been observed that many popular SEO tools are easily abused. So this write up serves as a reminder on how to use each tool properly for effective optimization of the page or website.

Updates on also include a number of new tools, such as Domain Age Checker, URL Rewriting Tool, URL Encoder / Decoder and other tools. After bringing these improvements, SeoToolRanker is predicted to be the leading website for SEO information i.e how to effectively optimize for search engines and the tools needed to track optimization results.

The users may utilize full benefits of such updated improved powerful tools for free and without needing to sign up at Seo Tool Ranker. More new features would be added in the future with additional benefits available.

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