Joplins Sunglasses Launches a Fund Raising Campaign in Indiegogo

Joplins sunglasses new styled and fashionable sunglasses with trendy designs using bamboo have launched a crowdfunding campaign in indiegogo.

Lisbon, Portugal – Joplins Eyewear Company recently announced that is raising funds via indiegogo to help them expand their product line, gain scalability, and reach a wider audience. The company is set to raise the sum of $6500 to keep on going with its first set of latest bamboo eyewear invention that will change the eyewear market.

The Joplins bamboo sunglasses is a unique fashionable designed sunglass that makes you feel comfy, being lightweight, with double flexed hinges, floatable and resistant to humidity. The Joplins sunglasses is created to make impact and spread positive energy shifting from regular sunglasses to cool handmade sunglasses using 100% sustainable bamboo.

Joplins crowd funding campaign in indiegogo comes with different perks for different backers, meaning that just anybody could help fundraise the campaign to help make every effort a reality. This includes:

  • The 1$ Backers: For a thank you, this gets backers name featured on the Joplins thank you page and also gives you first hand update on how Joplins’s evolves over time
  • 5$ Backers: You get a Joplins logo vinyl decal to stick anywhere you would like to spread the word.
  • 59$ Backers: For the early birds, backers get to choose from among any of Joplins models saving you $61 for the Joplins bamboo sunglasses valued at 120$+taxes+shipping.
  • 69$ Backers: Backers gets to choose from any of the model of Joplins bamboo sunglasses worth $120 + taxes + shipping saving you $51.
  • 129$ Backers: Backers get to choose 2 pairs of Joplins sunglasses after the campaign has ended worth at 240$ +taxes + (saving you 111$).
  • 189$ Backers: Backers picks 3pairs of Joplins bamboo sunglasses after the campaign has ended. This is valued at 360$+ taxes + shipping saving you 171$.
  • 249$ Backers: 4 pairs of Joplins sunglasses are given to backers at the end of the campaign valued at $480 +taxes + shipping saving you 231$.
  • 309$ Backers: Backers get to select 5 pairs of Joplins bamboo sunglasses valued at 600$ +taxes + shipping, saving you 291$.
  • 609$ Backers: Backers get to choose 10 pairs of Joplins bamboo sunglasses valued at 1200$ + taxes + shipping saving you $591.

A Joplins bamboo sunglass is sure to be the coolest shades EVER. To be part of this campaign please visit

About Joplins

While the brand Joplins Sunglasses was born in California, most of its operations are developing in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and it has just launched in Lisbon to better develop its strategy. They have a vision of spreading good energies and positive vibrations, by creating something that makes an impact, such as changing regular sunglasses frames to fully sustainable bamboo frames.


Rafael Dutra

Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal

+351 915 326 642

Media Contact
Company Name: Joplins Sunglasses
Contact Person: Rafael Dutra
Phone: +351 915 326 642
City: Lisbon
Country: Portugal