Astrid Suarez Innovates Colombian Shoes

“Astrid Suarez finds inspiration for her shoe designs from global landmarks. She sold more than 7,000 Eiffel Tower themed shoes designed and manufactured by her.”
By: Agusto Ramirez

Miami, FL – Colombia is all about fashion. From clothes, to swimwear, to folkloric looks Colombia leads Latin America in its quest to look good. One designer leading the shoe apparel industry is Astrid Suarez a versatile shoe designer and businesswoman.

Astrid Suarez along with her father Jorge Suarez manage the footwear company Calzado Iony one of Colombia’s most recognized brand. Astrid has managed to take Colombia by storm by creating daring designs incorporating the folkloric look with recycled material. Yes, you read that correctly, Astrid is doing her part to save the planet by using reusable material for shoes.

Her creative designs have appealed to millennials as well as older men who appreciate the folkloric look. Astrid has showed her innovation in the shapes and designs created with material that makes her products trendy and affordable.

Astrid’s designs have not only been a hit in Colombia but also in neighboring Latin American countries where she exports her products.

During her more than ten years working in the industry she has managed to position her brand as one of the most prestigious of Colombia. Astrid has showcased her designs in Colombia’s most important showcases such as ExpoModa, International Footwear and Leather Show and Expo Inno Viajera.  Astrid is known in the industry as an innovator and someone who thinks outside the box to create stylish yet affordable products.

The recyclable material she uses is collected from used airplane and car tires.  Colombia’s free trade agreement allows a few multinational companies to import into Colombia used vehicle parts of all kinds mostly used for building material and even toys. Yet, Astrid is the only person requesting these materials to use it for shoes.

Her best selling design in 2016 was a collection inspired by the trends from Paris and the shape of the Eiffel Tower.

“I designed a business casual show with a pointy front, wide mid section and shoelaces that are horizontal instead of vertical. It was a great hit among older professional men,” shared Astrid.

Astrid hopes to repeat her Colombian success in Miami where a growing number of Colombians and Venezuelans patronize boutique stores and gravitate towards products made in Colombia.

“I think we have reached the top in Colombia, we now want to expand to the US and serve our people there,” Astrid added.

Astrid is due to showcase some of her products in the Summer of 2017 at showcases in Miami and Los Angeles.

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