PNC Law Changing Address: A Trusted Nashville Criminal Defense Attorney Now Within Easy Reach

Engaging the services of a reliable criminal defense attorney in Nashville has become easier now that PNC Law has moved to a new address. The new downtown Nashville office of Philip N. Clark is easy to find and reach.

Statistic surveys of Tennessee law enforcement databases show an unsatisfactory picture. While the overall crime rate has slightly decreased in the last few years (0.78% in 2015), the number of violent crimes against persons has increased. In light of this, many people have to hire a TN defense attorney to help them get justice in this type of case.

As an efficient criminal defense attorney in Tennessee, PNC Law offers a wide range of services, including:

  • Drug charge defense
  • DUI defense
  • Domestic violence defense
  • Assault charge defense
  • Theft charge defense
  • Robbery charge defense
  • Orders of Protection

The firm’s website offers more detailed information.

Why Hire a TN Criminal Defense Attorney

Over the last two years, the rate of crimes against persons has increased by 0.25%. In 2015, the murder rate grew by almost 13% and the number of rapes increased by almost 6%.

The Crime in Tennessee report of 2014 stated that over 50% of crimes against persons pertained to domestic violence. The murder rate of women murdered by men was at 1.65 per 100,000.

These numbers indicate that the risk of one needing to use the services of a criminal defense attorney in Tennessee is very high. The majority of these cases aren’t easy due to their emotional nature. Therefore, the skill and experience of the lawyer play a major part in achieving a successful outcome.

PNC Law offers affordable legal counsel to everyone who seeks the help of a TN criminal defense lawyer. Philip N. Clark, the man behind PNC Law, has over 20 years of law enforcement experience, which allows him to develop strategies that offer a unique approach in resolving a variety of complex criminal defense cases. He built his solid reputation as a trustworthy Tennessee criminal lawyer by giving his complete focus to every case and designing a custom strategy to deal with the situation.

From now on, those seeking justice in criminal defense cases can find Philip N. Clark at:

615 Main Street Suite B-10

Nashville, TN 37206


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