Architecture and Town Planning – a book by Joyce Oron

“Oron, once asked in a congress abroad, how is it that her firm is involved in so much activity, answered “As a woman in the Middle East, concentrated in construction, not destruction, its simple by putting ones heart in the right place at the right time.”
The desire to tell, to narrate the personal and professional history, that always go together, comes at a time when one perceives on the one hand, the accumulation of actions, and the formation of a virtual archive, and at the same time the constant movement of time, threatening to erase it from memory and history.

A celebration of a remarkable story — both personal and professional — Joyce Oron Architecture and Town Planning is a rare opportunity to explore the life and designs of a leading modern Israeli architect. Featuring dozens of illustrations, floor plans, and photographs of world-leading designs of public buildings, housing projects, and more, the author reflects on her life’s journey through the United States, Uruguay, and Israel and the effect it had on her designs. 

Joyce Oron was born in New York, brought up in Uruguay and currently living in Tel Aviv, Israel. She became an Architect in the Technion Institute of Technology in Haifa, Israel. Oron opened her firm “Joyce Oron Architecture and Town Planning in 1985, dedicating her work at first to public buildings, and later on to housing, landscaping and town planning. Today there are many schools and public buildings all over the country up to the size of 4,000 sqm! A landscaping project of the firm, “The Avenue of Hope, Ganei Tikva” was prized as “The project of the year 2011” by the European Union.  

Oron wrote the lecture “Is There a Feminine Architecture?” and was invited to present it in the Association of Architects of Israel (1999 and 2007), in the UIFA Congress, Toulouse, France (2004) and in the UIA Congress, Istanbul, Turkey (2005).

The year 2017 is an important milestone for the firm in three fields: the firm’s office moved to WeWork leaving behind it’s era of paper archives, and giving place to the one on i-cloud. At the same time the book “Joyce Oron Architecture and Town Planning” was chosen by the Chinese government, and saw light in Chinese. To top it all, the firm was invited to plan its first large scale project: a 2,500 sqm mall and two towers in Netanya.

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