The Man Behind Soccer\’s Popularity

“Juan Morales (right) greets Cafu (left) during a match at the Florida Cup 2017. Cafu was a former captain of Brazil’s national team and 2002 World Cup Winner. Juan Morales is considered one of the best scouts in the Central American soccer industry.”
By Jonathan Ortiz

Miami, FL – Miami is quickly becoming the soccer capital of the United States. With David Beckham’s Miami soccer stadium approved for construction and El Clasico match between Real Madrid and Barcelona being played in Miami for the fist time in the United States, Miami is scoring big.

Behind all these historic deals and increased investment in soccer, are some of the world’s most effective businessmen, scouts and trainers.  One of them is Juan Jose Morales Rossi. Morales Rossi is a player scout, trainer and promoter whose goal is to discover the nest Lionel Messi.

“I am lucky to have partnered with this country’s greatest soccer development programs in order to help discover and develop world class players,” said the Italian-Guatemalan coach.

Morales Rossi has helped the Soccer Institute at Montverde Academy, one of the nations top youth academies, to create a new curriculum for player development.  His work in less than two years has won SIMA three national championships. According to Morales Rossi, he spends countless hours studying players, reviewing tapes and playing out scenarios in his mind in order to vet the very best soccer youth.

Morales Rossi is also partnering with Onside Sports the organization responsible for organizing international professional friendly games. In early 2017 Onside organized the Florida Cup which brought to the united states the four best professional club teams in the world to play in an all-star tournament in Orlando Florida.  Morales Rossi was there to lead planning as well as play a couple games.

“The Florida Cub was a historic event since we brought the four winners of each continent’s professional club soccer for a tournament of champions. We also brought world famous retired soccer players for an all-star game in which I also played a couple of games,” shared Morales Rossi.

Morales Rossi is paving the path to create more interest in soccer and develop top players. He is one of the top youth coaches in the United States. His skills will be put to the test in June 2017 when his SIMA team competes in the Premier Development League (PDL) national youth tournament where the very best youth soccer teams from around the country compete.

Morales Rossi hopes to find the next Messi in one of these tournaments.

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