Sami Lap Discusses the Importance of Revaluation in Herbal Medication

Dubai, UAE – People have been using natural products to heal themselves since the beginning of time. Before the advent of modern medicine, ancient doctors relied on herbal remedies and natural techniques to treat everything from the common flu to life-threatening conditions such as heart disease.

Despite being as old as humankind, a lot of Western doctors still frown upon the use of natural medicine. Most of them act out of concern for their patients, afraid that herbal medication can interfere with their treatment or delay a diagnostic. Because patients know that their doctors don’t perceive herbal medication as drugs, they don’t offer information about the alternative therapies they are using. This lack of communication can be detrimental to both parties.

Dr. Muhammed Majed, the founder of Sami Direct and one of the pioneers who introduced the concept of Ayurveda to the Americans, wants to change this approach and teach doctors why they should focus on understanding how natural products work. Different studies have shown that one in three patients use natural medicine, but only seven out of ten tell their doctors about it. Most patients don’t understand the science behind why and how natural products work. By becoming more open to communicating about natural products with your patients, you can help them make better decisions and put them on the fast track to healing.

Communicating with the patient is vital in helping them understand why natural products are beneficial for their condition. Doctors need to become well-versed in herbal medication and natural medicine to be able to discuss their clinical implications, benefits, and side effects with their patients.

Here at Sami Direct, we’re focusing on educating Western doctors about alternative therapies as well as giving them the tools they need to use natural products efficiently. Sami Direct Standardized, for example, is an excellent model that can help doctors know what dosage they should prescribe to their patients,” said Mr. Osama Edrees, Business Development Manager at Sami Direct.

The use of standardized extracts in natural products can guarantee the right amount of evaluated bioactivities. Sami Direct’s cosmeceutical and nutraceutical products feature exclusive standardized ingredients that have been carefully selected and formulated to deliver maximum health benefits. Sami Direct has also invented an herbal tea formula that can increase the effectiveness of its products.

We care about the herbal medicine from the initial stages until it’s ready for use, we have bridged the gap between the chemical and herbal medicines,” added Mr. Osama Edrees.

Sami Direct’s dedication to creating high-quality standards herbal medicines is backed by years of research and numerous awards. With more than 140 international patents, an Ellis Island Medal of Honor, and five times winner of the Edison Awards, Sami Lap has proven that it can fill the gap between the chemical medicine and herbal treatment.

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