A Printing Sydney Services Company Explains The Importance Of A Business Card

Absolute Colour Printing explains five reasons why business cards still matter

A leading Printing Sydney Services Company has launched a campaign to make small business owners and those thinking of starting a business aware of how important a business card is. Absolute Colour Printing, which provides a whole range of printing services including business cards, booklets and brochures, stationery, posters and banners, are surprised at how many potential sales and leads people are losing out on by not carrying a quality business card.

With the world fast changing where everything is becoming digital, such as sending mail, one thing that the digital world will never replace according to business experts is the power of the business card. Computers and digital devices may have a powerful memory but the human mind is not as powerful, and people easily forget details given to them or forget the name of the person they have met at a networking event or the services they offer.

A spokesman for Absolute Colour Printing said: “So many potential sales are lost when people don’t carry their business card with them. You never know who you will meet on holiday, at a business event, or even while out with friends, by having a professionally printed business card with you, you are always ready to promote your business.”

The printing Sydney services company has listed four reasons why it’s important to have a printed business card.

1. Swapping contact details digitally is impersonal.

People buy from people they like and trust, and by saying to someone at a networking event or at another event that you will send them an email, or text with contact details is impersonal and does not provide a great impression. By having a professionally printed card at hand, and being able to hand that business card over is how a real relationship begins. It also shows how proud that person is of their business.

2. A Business Card is a great networking tool

Networking is a great way of gaining new leads and sales, but not everyone may need the service or product that is being offered. A person who may not need the product or service may know someone who does and pass it on to them. 

Some people will ask for more than one business card so they can pass on to other people, providing a great networking tool.

3. A Business Card is the first impression of your brand

Just like when a potential customer phones up a business, the person at the other end of the phone is the first point of contact, and from that stage, they are the person who is representing the company. First impressions count, and if that person is not polite or does not handle the call well, it means the potential customer does not get a good impression which could result in the loss of a sale. It is the same when a potential customer meets a person representing a business at a networking event. If they don’t have a business card with them, or don’t have a professional looking business card, then it does not provide a professional image. That could result in the loss of a sale.

4. Building a brand

A professionally designed and printed business card can help improve the image of a brand and build that image. By having a business card and handing it out at events, it can help make people aware of that brand and generate a buzz.

The leading Printing Sydney Services Company help businesses in Sydney and Australia to improve their image by providing a professional business card printing service.

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