Tony Saunders Releases Black Divinity: Manifesto of the Black Theocracy Third Edition

After publishing the first and second edition respectively, Tony Saunders – an author, an activist, a scholar, a former gang member, and a critic – releases Black Divinity: Manifesto of the Black Theocracy Third Edition, under Toplink Publishing/Marketing firm.

The Black Divinity exposes the intricate beauty and complexity of the New York City street culture to allow those outside to see that those in the United States street life actually do have a very respectable, while yet Afro-centric, doctrinal system (including a pneumatology, psychology, ethnology, anthropology, sociology, eschatology, soteriology, Christology and ecclesiology) and how it applies to the real world. Tony’s logical thinking, elaborative care with details, and simplified paradigms allow the readers to comprehend every bit and piece as the subject matter may seem academic for casual readers.

Posing his ideologies from different sources and references aside from his personal opinions, Black Divinity offers his true account that adds and elevates the authenticity of the book.

Commended by Pacific Book Review, it has been awarded to Books of Excellent Merit, “Saunders uses historical teachings ranging from Plato to Malcolm X to make the argument for a unification of black culture centered on the idea that every black man is capable of using a shared history and the teachings of blacks dating all the way back to the Egyptians as a way to become a fully actualized member of society. Those teachings, paired with the study of God’s righteousness and benevolence, from a black person’s perspective, gives shape to a black theocracy which has been neglected in Western teachings.

Black Divinity: Manifesto of the Black Theocracy Third Edition is a fascinating read which will fill a gap in knowledge for those seeking to learn more about this theory and are looking for a new way towards black self-actualization. This book would also be ideal for a group study program as it spurs many topics of conversation.”

Black Divinity: Manifesto of The Black Theocracy Third Edition is alsoincluded in Publisher’s Weekly new must-read titles issued in May 2017.

His next book is titled, “Manifesting the Divine”.

Tony Saunders made his bones in New York City as O.G. Foot-C of the Brooklyn, New York Crips in the late 1990s. Following those days he did time in prison for assault with a deadly weapon and was deported back to his place of origin in London, England. During his time in prison Saunders associated with many who were in the godbody movement but put off joining due to his affiliation to Christianity.

After returning to London he soon became affiliated with certain Marxist groups before reconnecting with, and this time fully joining, the godbody movement existing in South London. Saunders has since studied sociology and anthropology at Goldsmiths University of London and has applied the lessons he learned to the movement he has become so devoted to.

Tony Saunders

Black Divinity: Manifesto of The Black Theocracy Third Edition 

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