Introducing Poetic Art, A Set of 16 Heartwarming Greeting Cards

In the modern world, almost everything has become digital and with this modernization the little, more personal things seem to mean more. Here to continue this sentiment is set of touching greeting cards from Poetic Art.

These days it is easy to feel like interactions have become impersonal. From the prevalence of text messages to the decline in physical letters sent through the post office, it is easy to see that technology, for better or worse, has phased out a variety of traditional actions. However, there is one cultural tradition that remains: the giving of greetings cards. To this day, the public still gives one another cards for birthdays, holidays, seasons, illnesses, and other major events. Every one of these cards is an opportunity to create a truly human moment where the recipient is shown just how much they are cherished. Sadly, this opportunity is all-too-often foregone with the prevalence of cheaply produced, low-quality greeting cards. Here to remedy this issue is a new line of sixteen greetings cards produced by an up and coming brand named Poetic Art. Through the attachment of small unique poems on each card, Poetic Art is able to make every greeting card it produces meaningful, yet widely applicable.

The poems themselves are perfect for giving a loved one a little message that lets them know they are cared for on a deeper level than a generic and nearly-blank greetings card. The poems are typically around fifteen lines, and there is one poem for each of the sixteen cards. They are all complete with rhyme schemes and meanings that are open to interpretation, allowing the greeting cards to be appropriate for a variety of occasions.

Beyond the poetry on each card stands the artwork. Each card is complete with artwork covering the front panel and the two interior panels. All of this artwork is done free-hand by the talented artist behind the cards, Katelynn Peterson. This handmade aspect adds another layer of sentiment to the Poetic Art cards, making them even more personal. As a result of this combination of elegant poetry and hand-drawn artwork, the Poetic Art cards are perfect for any occasion.


Sadly, producing, shipping, and distributing greeting cards is not an easy task. To remedy this issue, the Poetic Art team has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Through the campaign page, interested readers can order anything from a set of the sixteen cards to the original artwork for their favorite card. With this support, the Poetic Art team aims to produce sentimentally valuable cards for occasions around the world.


To learn more visit the Kickstarter campaign page.

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