West Early College and eXDee Announce Student Mental Health Support for Denver Plan 2020

Denver middle school adopts mental health technology with data analytics to support whole child principles across several grades, investing in student mental health and setting up time-series insights into student population performance.

eXDee Limited and West Early College (“WEC”) announce the first mental health initiative for middle school students using student-reported outcomes and student population analytics.

eXDee is providing Marbles™ Mental Health Navigator smartphone app to all grade 6-8 students over the 2017-2018 academic year to aggregate, analyze and action their mental health for depression, anxiety, PTSD and insomnia. eXDee also provides WEC with Thrive™ Mental Health Dashboard to acquire the Marbles™ mental health data for campus population in support of The Whole Child principle identified in Denver Plan 2020.

“There are two areas we aim to improve for our student population,” says a Kurtis Quig, Middle School Principal of WEC:

1. The Whole Child principle identified in Denver Plan 2020 identifies 6 key areas, namely Safe, Healthy, Engaged, Socially & Emotionally Intelligent, Supported, and Challenged. We fully support all of these principles, but having the ability to do so via smartphone technology brings capabilities right to the student, on their terms, according to their schedule, for their personal benefit to increase engagement. Marbles™ does this.

2. The whole district is working to advance the Denver Plan 2020, but we desperately need data on how our students are doing, analytics on that data and the ability to action appropriately. Our school needs to understand how the student population as a whole is doing, and we simply do not have a pulse on that nor the ability to make better decisions to support that population in real-time: measure progress, reallocate resources and support prevention skills within our students, teachers and resource staff. Thrive™ resolves this.

“Simply put, data will give us insight into student mental health in unprecedented ways. It is about time we invest in doing so, sending a message to our students, their families and the community that we are serious about the Whole Child health, not just academic performance, because they go hand-in-hand.” Added Quig.

“Student safety and health are key ingredients for excellence in life, all the factors identified in the Denver Plan 2010. These can be delivered in schools without burdening them. Mental health literacy is likely best developed in schools, but like so many other life skills, putting the ingredients together into a personal recipe is the hard part. Tying the individual student and the school using technology simply opens up learning in mental health, reducing its stigma and supporting the skills learning necessary to navigate the, often difficult, trials of life. Starting with flourishing schools makes sense and we are proud to participate with WEC doing so,”states Richard LeBlanc, CEO of eXDee Limited.

About West Early School:

West Early College is a 6-12 grade school in the heart of Denver, CO that truly focuses on ensuring that students are given the necessary skills to be ready for college during and after high school. All students are given a rigorous education plan with an opportunity to follow a pathway toward high school and college requirements. Students participate in college courses, during high school, where they have the opportunity to receive up to 60 credit hours towards a certificate or an associates degree.

About eXDee Limited:

We build products that enable people better drive their own health by giving them personal health literacy to engage with others: family, community and health professionals. We believe it is better to navigate with data and analytics that support better actions and outcomes, and that crisis and intervention are best avoided where possible. Society is on the cusp of self-driving cars, eXDee enables self-driving personal health.

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Kurtis Quig, Middle School Principal
West Early College

Richard LeBlanc, CEO
eXDee Limited

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